Tech:  Technique

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VIS: 008/34; 006/17

Input Standards

VIS: Optional. One-character code. Default: n


VIS, 006

The technique used to create motion for motion pictures and videorecordings.

Use field 500, 508, or 520 to record the technique in note form. Use field 655 for genre information.



Animation. Indicates that the item consists primarily of animation. Animated films are produced using a variety of techniques including cartoons; graphic film (with paint or other media directly applied to the surface of the film); model, clay, or puppet animation (where three-dimensional objects are photographed one frame at a time to achieve the effect of animation); pixilation film; and other techniques.

Tech     a
245 0 0 Wallace & Gromit / ǂc Aardman Animations ; directed and written by Nick Park
300     1 videodisc (approximately 75 min.) : ǂb sound, color ; ǂc 4 3/4 in.
655   7 Clay animation films ǂ2 lcgft

Animation and live action. Indicates that the resource is a combination of animation and live action. Used when there is some indication elsewhere in the cataloging record, such as field 508 or field 520, that there are animated sequences.

Tech     c
245 0 0 Narcissus / ǂc National Film Board of Canada ; filmmaker, Norman McLaren ; producer, David Verrall
300     1 film reel (22 min.) : ǂb sound, color ; ǂc 16 mm + ǂe 1 guide
520     Through optical imagery shows the beauty of traditional ballet. Live action and animation are used to show the dancers as they interpret the Greek myth of Narcissus

Live action. If no information is found in the cataloging record and accompanying material that indicates otherwise, it is assumed that the motion picture or videorecording is live action.

Tech     l
130 0   Matrix (Motion picture)
245 1 4 The matrix / ǂc Warner Bros. ; Village Roadshow Productions ; Groucho II Film Partnership ; Silver Pictures ; produced by Joel Silver ; written and directed by the Wachowski brothers
300     1 videodisc (138 min.) : ǂb sound, color ; ǂc 4 3/4 in.
508     Cinematographer, Bill Pope ; editor, Zach Staenberg ; music, Don Davis

Not applicable. Item is not a motion picture or a videorecording.

Tech     n
100 1   Gassaway, Katherine, ǂe artist
245 1 4 The trained nurse / ǂc Katherine Gassaway
300     1 postcard : ǂb color ; ǂc 14 x 9 cm
520 0   A postcard featuring an illustration of a little girl in a nurse's apron and cap, pouring liquid medication into a small glass

Unknown. The technique for creating motion is unknown.

Tech     u
245 0 0 Surrealism of Méliès
300     1 film reel : ǂb silent, black and white ; ǂc super 8 mm

Other. Special techniques that are neither live action nor animation, including the following:

  • Micro-cinematography
  • Silhouette-live action
  • Still film
  • Time-lapse cinematography
  • Trick cinematography

Use also for videorecordings and motion pictures made from still image slide sets or filmstrips without adding animation to the images.

Tech     z
245 0 0 Cloud formation
300     1 videocassette (8 min.) : ǂb sound, color ; ǂc 1/2 in.
520     Uses time-lapse photography to show actual cloud formation in the earth's atmosphere


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