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Entered:  Date Entered


ALL: 008/00-05

Input Standards

ALL: System supplied. Eight-digit date. Default: Current date



The format for the date in Entered is yyyymmdd where yyyy represents the year; mm, the month; dd, the day. You cannot edit Entered.

Entered is the date the record was input into WorldCat if it was added directly online. For batchloaded records, OCLC uses the date created or converted at the institution of origin, not the date OCLC added the record.

OCLC does not change Entered for corrected or replaced records with Rec stat code c (corrected or revised record). OCLC retains the original date of online input or the date a batchloaded record was created in the system of origin.

When OCLC replaces a member-input record with a batchloaded record, the system changes Entered to the record creation date from the batchloading institution. OCLC does not retain the original Entered date of the member-input record.


For information on material type indexing in various OCLC services, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, Material Type (includes links in Notes row to RDA terms and codes and Format or Document codes and values).

For information on material type names and codes (based mainly on the Leader, 006, 007, 008), see Searching WorldCat Indexes, Material Type Names and Codes.

This page last revised: November 4, 2014