007  Physical Description Fixed Field (Globe) (R)

Record Type


Input Standards

Field (Full/Minimal)
Required if applicable/Optional
1st Indicator  Undefined
blank character Undefined
2nd Indicator  Undefined
blank character Undefined
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards (Full/Minimal)
ǂa Category of material (007/00) (NR) Mandatory/Mandatory
ǂb Specific material designation (007/01) (NR) Mandatory/Mandatory
ǂd Color (007/03) (NR) Optional/Optional
ǂe Physical medium (007/04) (NR) Optional/Optional
ǂf Type of reproduction (007/05) (NR) Optional/Optional



The physical characteristics of a globe. Field 007 is valid in all formats so you can code for the physical characteristics of the parts of an item such as accompanying material.


Use for globes.


Use for globes that are components of a kit.


007     d ǂb c ǂd c ǂe i ǂf n
[Item is a terrestrial globe, in color, made of plastic]
007     d ǂb e ǂd c ǂe d ǂf n
[Item is a globe of Earth's moon, in color, made of metal]
007     d ǂb a ǂd c ǂe a ǂf n
[Item is a celestial globe, in color, made of paper over a core]

1st Indicator

Undefined. The 1st indicator position is undefined and contains a blank.

blank character


2nd Indicator

Undefined. The 2nd indicator position is undefined and contains a blank.

blank character



ǂa Category of material

A one-character alphabetic code that indicates the category of material to which the item belongs is a globe.


Globe. The item is a globe, which is defined as the model of a celestial body, usually the Earth or another celestial sphere depicted on the surface of a sphere.

ǂb Specific material designation

A one-character alphabetic code that describes the special class of material (usually the class of physical object) to which an item belongs (e.g., a celestial globe).


Celestial globe. A model relating to the sky of visible heavens (sun, stars, etc.) depicted on the surface of a sphere.


Planetary or lunar globe. A model of a planet (other than the Earth) or of a moon (other than the Earth's) depicted on the surface of a sphere.


Terrestrial globe. A model of the Earth depicted on the surface of a sphere.


Earth moon globe. A model of the Earth's moon depicted on the surface of a sphere.


Unspecified. The special class of globe is not specified.


Other. A globe type for which none of the other codes is appropriate.

ǂd Color

The color characteristics of the globe.


One color. The globe is one color.


Multicolored. The globe is multicolored.

ǂe Physical medium

The material out of which the globe is made.


Paper. The material is any kind of cellulose-based paper, a substance made from wood pulp, rags, or other fibrous material, usually in thin sheets.


Wood. The material is wood, the hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree or shrub. Material that is based on wood particles or fibers may or may not be considered wood. Consider particle board wood.


Stone. The material is stone, a hard, solid, compact, nonmetallic mineral matter.


Metal. The material is metal, a substance (such as gold, tin, or copper) that usually has a shiny appearance, can be melted, and is usually capable of being shaped.


Synthetic. Man-made substances other than textiles, plastic, and vinyl. Formerly, this code included plastic and vinyl in its definition.


Skin. The material is skin, the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of an animal. Excludes leather, parchment, and vellum. Synthetic materials that are made to resemble animal skin are coded as synthetic. Formerly, this code included parchment, leather, and vellum in its definition.


Textile. The material is a textile. Includes all natural or synthetic fiber fabrics (e.g., silk, linen, nylon, etc.). Synthetic materials formed to resemble a fabric are considered textiles.


Plastic. The material is plastic, a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers that can be molded into shape while soft, and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form.


Vinyl. The material is vinyl, a typically tough, flexible, and shiny resin.


Vellum. The material is vellum, fine-grained unsplit lambskin, kidskin, or calfskin prepared especially for writing or drawing on.


Plaster. The material is plaster, a mixture of lime or gypsum, sand, and water that hardens to a smooth solid. Use also for mixtures of ground solids and plaster.


Unknown. The physical medium of which the globe is made is not known.


Leather. The material is leather, animal skin dressed for use.


Parchment. The material is parchment, the skin of a sheep or goat prepared for writing on.


Other. A material for which none of the other codes is appropriate.

ǂf Type of reproduction

Whether the globe is a facsimile or other type of reproduction.


Facsimile. A facsimile resembles the original in all aspects possible, but is not the original.


Not applicable. The item is not a reproduction.


Unknown. The type of reproduction is not known.


Other. None of the other defined codes is appropriate.


For indexing and searching information, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, field 007.


For more information, including content designator history, see MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, field 007 (Globe).