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Replaced:  Date of Last Replace


Record Type



ALL: 005

Input Standards

ALL: System supplied. Sixteen-character date. Default: date entered



The system-generated field 005 contains fifteen numeric characters and a decimal point that indicate the date and time of the latest record transaction and serve as a version identifier for the record. They are recorded according to Representation of Dates and Times (ISO 8601). The format for date and time for Replaced is yyyymmddhhmmss.f, where yyyy is the year; mm, the month; dd, the day; hh, the hour; mm, the minute; ss, the second; f, the fraction of a second, preceded by decimal point. The date and time is expressed in terms of the 24-hour (00-23) clock. The field contains no indicators or subfield codes. You cannot edit Replaced.

Replaced     20200612052332.8

Replaced represents the date of the last replace transaction, or if it has never been replaced, the date it was added to WorldCat. Replace transactions include replaces done by batchloading processes and changes to the record made as a part of database quality activities. These transactions result in a change in the Replaced date. Such changes are not always reflected in field 040 subfield ǂd.

For a record created online by a member institution, Replaced is the same as the Entered date until a subsequent replace transaction occurs.

For a batchloaded record, Replaced represents the date on which that record was loaded into WorldCat, until a subsequent replace transaction occurs.

If the service replaces a member-input record with a batchloaded record, the Replaced date reflects the date on which the record was replaced. The Replaced date will change again if another replace transaction occurs.

Replaced can display in various forms based on the OCLC service used (e.g., field 005 or Replaced). The following provides information on how these services display, output, or change the data in the field:

  • Collection Manager. Field 005 in Collection Manager output is the exact time the record is processed by the Collection Manager record editor process. This typically happens 1-2 hours after the record is retrieved from WorldCat. Collection Manager provides some standard edits to all records, plus any additional edits profiled by the user in Collection Manager.

  • Connexion. On export, the export action itself is treated as the latest transaction and so the export date is written to field 005. When the fixed field mnemonic is displayed as control fields, Replaced will appear as field 005. When the fixed field is displayed in a mnemonic format, the replaced date will appear as Replaced.

  • Metadata API. When the record is retrieved via the Metadata API, field 005 remains unchanged from the 005 in WorldCat bibliographic record. When the record is sent back through the API for updating, its 005 must match field 005 in the WorldCat bibliographic record in order for it to replace the record in WorldCat. If the record is successfully replaced, then field 005 is updated to the time of the replace transaction.

  • Record Manager. When a record is exported from Record Manager, field 005 remains unchanged from the 005 in the WorldCat bibliographic record.


For indexing and searching information, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, 005.


For more information, including content designator history, see MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, field 005.

This page last revised: August 28, 2020