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GPub:  Government Publication

Record Type



BKS, CNR, COM, MAP, VIS: 008/28; 006/11

Input Standards

BKS, CNR, COM, MAP, VIS: Mandatory. One-character code. Default: blank character



One-character code that indicates whether the resource is published or produced by or for an international, national, state, provincial, or local government agency or by a subdivision of such a body. The code also describes the jurisdictional level of the government agency associated with the resource.


Use the following guidelines for GPub codes:

  • Government bodies and their subdivisions. Treat a government body and all its subdivisions as government bodies regardless of how they are entered as access points (i.e., entered under jurisdiction or not). The government body need not be an access point, but it should be named as publisher in the imprint area or have caused the item to be published (usually inferred if the governmental body is responsible for the content of the item). If in doubt, treat the item as a government publication.
  • Status of the governmental entity. Choose a code based on the status of the jurisdiction at the time of publication, e.g., for Texas government publications, use code f for the period 1836-1845 and code s for the period 1845 to the present.
  • Joint publications by government bodies. If an item is published jointly by government agencies at two different levels, use the code for the higher level.
  • Socialist countries. Since the coding of all items published in socialist countries as government publications would limit the usefulness of this element, coding should be used only for the same type of bodies that would be considered government in a non-socialist country. In coding items in this manner, when in doubt, treat the item as a government publication.
  • American Indian tribes. Publications issued by American Indian tribes are government publications at the Federal/National level. Use code f.
  • Academic publications. Publications such as college catalogs, faculty directories, annual reports, etc., of academic institutions that are created or controlled by a government in the United States should be coded as government publications. If such publications of a state university are reprinted by a commercial publisher, however, the reprint is not a government publication. Publications of state college or state university presses in the United States (e.g., Kent State University Press, Michigan State College Press) are not considered to be government publications.
  • Theses and dissertations. Theses and dissertations, including those emanating from state colleges and universities, are not government publications.
  • Non-governmental entities. Be aware that some corporate entities have names that resemble those of governmental bodies but are not actually governmental bodies. For example, the National Film Board of Canada and National Public Radio are not government entities.


blank character

Not a government publication. Not published or produced by or for a government body.

GPub     blank character
100 1   Cart, Michael, ǂe author
245 1 0 Top 250 LGBTQ books for teens : ǂb coming out, being out, and the search for community / ǂc Michael Cart and Christine A. Jenkins
264   1 Chicago : ǂb Huron Street Press, an imprint of the American Library Association, ǂc 2015
GPub     blank character
100 1   Hill, James Tate
245 1 0 Academy gothic / ǂc by James Tate Hill
264   1 Cape Girardeau, Missouri : ǂb Southeast Missouri State University Press, ǂc 2015

Autonomous or semiautonomous components. Published or produced by or for a government body of an autonomous or semi-autonomous component of a country.

GPub     a
245 0 0 Transforming Malaysia : ǂb dominant and competing paradigms / ǂc edited by Anthony Milner, Abdul Rahman Embong, Tham Siew Yean
264   1 Singapore : ǂb Institute of Southeast Asian Studies ; ǂa Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia : ǂb Institut Kajian Malaysia dan Antarabangsa, ǂc 2014
GPub     a
245 0 0 Penilaian prestasi pendidikan di institusi pengajian tinggi / ǂc disunting oleh Riza Atiq Abdullah O.K Rahmat, Kamisah Osman, Azami Zaharim
264   1 Bangi, Selangor D.E., Malaysia : ǂb Penerbit Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, ǂc 2012

Multilocal. Published or produced by or for a multilocal jurisdiction, which is defined as a regional combination of jurisdictions below the state level.

GPub     c
245 0 2 A Plan for SEPTA's regional metrorail system / ǂc prepared by Vukan R. Vuchic [and others].
260     Philadelphia, Pa. : ǂb Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, ǂc [1993]
GPub     c
110 2   Bay Area Air Quality Management District
264   1 San Francisco, California : ǂb Bay Area Air Quality Management District, ǂc 1984

Federal/National. Published or produced by or for a federal or national government body (e.g., a sovereign nation, such as Canada). Used for the governments of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

GPub     f
245 0 3 Il Libro italiano nella stampa francese = ǂb Le Livre italien dans la presse française
264   1 Roma : ǂb Ministero degli affari esteri, Direzione generale delle relazioni culturali, ǂc 1981
GPub     f
245 0 0 Rosebud Sioux herald = ǂb Eyapaha
260     Rosebud, S.D. : ǂb Rosebud Sioux Tribe, ǂc 1963-1971

International intergovernmental. Published or produced by or for an international intergovernmental body.

GPub     i
110 2   World Health Organization, ǂe author, ǂe issuing body
245 1 0 WHO handbook for guideline development
264   1 Geneva : ǂb World Health Organization, ǂc [2014]
GPub     i
100 1
  Campbell, Bronwyn
245 1 0 Museum treasures of Southeast Asia / ǂc written by Bronwyn Campbell ; edited by Shirlene Noordin ; photographed by Neal Oshima and Cheong Hock Cheun
260     [Manila] : ǂb Produced for the ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information, ǂc ©2002

Local. Published or produced by or for a local government jurisdiction such as a town, city, county, etc.

GPub     l
110 1   Bradford County (Pa.), ǂe cartographer
245 1 0 Bradford County parks : ǂb experience Pennsylvania's scenic Endless Mountains
264   1 Towanda, PA : ǂb Bradford County Courthouse, ǂc [2015?]
GPub     l
245 0 0 Local law 77 : ǂb DDC ultra-low sulfur diesel manual / ǂc prepared for NYC Department of Design & Construction by M.J. Bradley & Associates, Inc. & Gruzen Samton LLP
264   1 [New York] : ǂb New York City Department of Design and Construction, ǂc [2004]

Multistate. Published or produced by or for a regional combination of jurisdictions at the state, provincial, territorial, etc., level.

GPub     m
245 0 0 Root-knot nematodes of the Pacific Northwest / ǂc A.P. Nyczepir [and others]
260     [Place of publication not identified] : ǂb [Pacific Northwest Cooperative Extension], ǂc [1981]
GPub     m
245 0 0 Preliminary urban design study for the future of the World Trade Center site and adjacent areas / ǂc Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
    [New York, N.Y.?] : ǂb Lower Manhattan Development Corp. : ǂb Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, ǂc [2002?]

Government publication-level undetermined. Published or produced by or for a government body the jurisdictional level of which cannot be determined.

GPub     o
245 0 0 Bronzeville community market study : ǂb community food survey results / ǂc submitted to Quad Communities Development Corporation ; prepared by O-H Community Partners ; special recognition and thanks to LISC/Chicago, the Partnership for New Communities,
260     [Chicago, Ill.] : ǂb LISC/Chicago, ǂc 2008
GPub     o
245 0 0 Building on success together : ǂb strategy for the continued development of mental health services for adults in West Surrey
260     Camberley : ǂb West Surrey Health Authority, ǂc 2000
500     Jointly issued by: Bournewood Community and Mental Health NHS Trust, Hounslow & Spelthorne Community and Mental Health NHS Trust, Surrey Hampshire Borders NHS Trust, Surrey Social Services, West Surrey Health Authority

State, provincial, territorial, dependent, etc. Published or produced by or for a government body at the state, provincial, territorial, or other dependent jurisdictional level.

GPub     s
1o0 1   Davison, Tracy M., ǂe author
245 1 0 Aerial survey of muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) in the mainland of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, March 2009 / ǂc Tracy Davison and Marsha Branigan
264   1 [Yellowknife] : ǂb Environment and Natural Resources, Government of the Northwest Territories, ǂc 2014
GPub     s
110 2   Valdosta State University
245 1 0 Valdosta State University undergraduate catalog
264   1 Valdosta, Ga. : ǂb Valdosta State University, ǂc 2001-

Unknown if item is government publication. Published or produced by or for an entity that may or may not be a governmental body.

GPub     u
110 2   Afghan Cartographic & Cadastral Survey Institute
245 1 0 Afghanistan / ǂc compiled and printed at the Afghan Cartographic & Cadastral Survey Institute
260     Kabul : ǂb The Institute, ǂc [1977]
GPub     u
110 2   Pagkain ng Bayan (Philippines)
245 1 0 Manual on organization, policies, and operations / ǂc Pagkain ng Bayan
260     [Philippines] : ǂb [publisher not identified], ǂc [1981]

Other. Published or produced by or for a government agency at a level other than that specified by one of the other defined codes.

GPub     z
110 2   Federal/Provincial/Territorial Working Group on Child and Family Services Information (Canada)
245 1 0 Child welfare in Canada 2000 : ǂb the role of provincial and territorial authorities in the provision of child protection services / ǂc [prepared by Secretariat to the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Working Group on Child and Family Services Information]
260     Hull, Quebec : ǂb CFS Information ; ǂa Ottawa : ǂb Copies may be obtained from National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, Health Communities Division, Health Canada, ǂc 2002
GPub     z
100 1
  Chávez Vega, Guillermo
245 1 0 Guillermo Chávez Vega : ǂb exposición homenaje
260     [Guadalajara] : ǂb Gobierno de Estado de Jalisco ; ǂa [México] : ǂb Secretaría de Educación y Cultura ; ǂa [Guadalajara] : ǂb Instituto Cultural Cabañas, ǂc [1991?]


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