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S/L:  Entry Convention

Record Type



CNR: 008/34; 006/17

Input Standards

CNR: Mandatory. One-character code. Default: 0


CNR, 006

Whether the record is successive entry cataloging, latest entry cataloging or integrated entry cataloging.



Successive entry. The record follows the successive entry convention in which a new record is created each time a title changes or a corporate body used as a main entry or uniform title qualifier changes. The earlier or later title or name/title is recorded in a linking field (field 780 or 785) on each record.


Latest entry. The record follows the latest entry convention in which a serial record is cataloged under its latest (most recent) title or issuing body. All former titles and/or issuing bodies are given in notes (fields 247, 547 and 550). The practice of latest entry cataloging for serials was abandoned with the introduction of AACR cataloging rules.


Integrated entry. A record is cataloged under its latest (most recent) title and/or responsible person or corporate body. Create a new record only for a major change in edition, a new work or a title merger or split. Use for integrating resources and electronic serials that do not retain their earlier titles. Refer to LCRI 12.0B1 or LC-PCC PS for further information regarding the use of S/L code 2 for electronic serials.


This fixed field element is not indexed.


For more information, including content designator history, see MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, 008/34 (Continuing Resources).

This page last revised: August 28, 2020