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LTxt:  Literary Text for Sound Recordings

Record Type



REC, SCO: 008/30-31; 006/13-14

Input Standards

REC: Optional. Up to two, one-character codes. Default:blank characterblank character

SCO: System Supplied. Default: n blank character


REC, SCO, 006

The type of literary text on spoken word sound recordings.

  • If only one LTxt code applies, use that code in the first position and leave the second position blank.
  • If two codes apply to a single spoken sound recording, enter the two codes in the order of importance.
  • If more than two types of spoken sound recordings exist on a single recording, use the two codes in the order of importance.
  • Enter blank in both positions for musical recordings. Leave the default, n blank character , for musical scores.


blank character

Item is a music sound recording



LTxt     a blank character
100 1   Burnett, Carol.
245 1 0 This time together : ǂb laughter and reflection / ǂc by Carol Burnett.


LTxt     b blank character
100 1   Keane, Michael, ǂd 1960- ǂe author.
245 1 0 Patton : ǂb blood, guts and prayer / ǂc Michael Keane.

Conference proceedings

LTxt     c blank character
110 2   Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. ǂb General Conference ǂn (183rd : ǂd 2013 April 6-7)
245 1 0 183rd Annual General Conference / ǂc Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


LTxt     d l
100 1   Shakespeare, William, ǂd 1564-1616.
245 1 4 The head that wears a crown : ǂb speeches for royal men by William Shakespeare / ǂc written by William Shakespeare ; performed by Alan Cumming.


LTxt     e z
100 1   Sedaris, David.
245 1 0 Let's explore diabetes with owls : ǂb essays, etc. / ǂc David Sedaris.

Fiction. Novels, short stories, etc.

LTxt     f blank character
100 1   Werfel, Franz, ǂd 1890-1945.
240 1 0 Lied von Bernadette. ǂl English
245 1 4 The song of Bernadette / ǂc by Franz Werfel.


LTxt     g t
245 0 0 D-Day radio broadcasts.

History. May include historical dramas, historical poetry, etc.

LTxt     h blank character
100 1   Goodman, Matthew.
245 1 0 Eighty days : ǂb [Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland's history-making race around the world] / ǂc Matthew Goodman.

Instruction. (How to...)

LTxt     i blank character
100 1   Fleming, Carol A., ǂe author, ǂe narrator.
245 1 0 It's the way you say it : ǂb becoming articulate, well-spoken, and clear / ǂc Carol A. Fleming, Ph. D.

Language instruction

LTxt     j blank character
245 0 0 German all talk basic. ǂn Parts 1-4 / ǂc [Barbara Weber].


LTxt     k blank character
100 1   Fields, W. C. ǂq (William Claude), ǂd 1880-1946.
245 1 0 W.C. Fields-- his only recordings : ǂb the temperance lecture ; the day I drank a glass of water ; plus 8 songs by Mae West.

Lectures, speeches

LTxt     l blank character
100 1   Cruz, Teddy, ǂe architect, ǂe lecturer.
245 1 0 Teddy Cruz : ǂb Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, 2010.


LTxt     m blank character
100 1   Kapacziewski, Joseph.
245 1 0 Back in the fight : ǂb the explosive memoir of a special operator who never gave up / ǂc Joseph Kapacziewski.

Not applicable (SCO only). The item is other than a sound recording. Do not use code n for sound recordings.



LTxt     o blank character
100 1   Grimm, Jacob, ǂd 1785-1863.
240 1 0 Kinder- und Hausmärchen. ǂk Selections. ǂl English
245 1 0 Brothers Grimm fairy tales, revisited / ǂc selected and narrated by Ulf Bjorklund.


LTxt     p blank character
130 0   Kalevala. ǂl English.
245 1 4 The Kalevala / ǂc [compiled by Elias Lönnrot ; translated and read by Keith Bosley].


LTxt     k r
245 0 0 [Preview of The Bob Hope show for broadcast on 1950-01-02].

Sounds. Nonmusical utterances and vocalizations that may or may not convey meaning; for example, sound effects, natural sounds and bird calls.

LTxt     s blank character
245 0 0 Ocean sound effects only for Riders to the sea by Vaughan-Williams. ǂp Scene 1. ǂp Scene 2 .


LTxt     t m
100 1   Arnold, C. Wayne, ǂd 1932-
245 1 3 An interview with Wayne Arnold / ǂc Wayne Arnold ; Philip Pogue, interviewer.


LTxt     z blank character
100 1   Chomsky, Noam.
245 1 0 Hopes and prospects / ǂc Noam Chomsky.


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