006 Introduction--Additional Material Characteristics


If an element is in a 006 field, it has the same input standard as the fixed field. See the Fixed Field information in this manual.

Code for characteristics of an item that cannot be coded in the fixed field. Such characteristics are by definition "additional." Characteristics coded in the fixed field are "main." For example, you may use field 006 to code for the serial-related information of a sound recording that is issued as a serial.

Use also to code the characteristics of accompanying material. For example, you may use it to code for a book that accompanies a map.

006 mnemonics

The mnemonics are the same as the fixed field mnemonics for each format. Use the same codes in 006 mnemonics as you do in the related fixed field mnemonics. See the Fixed Field information in this manual to determine appropriate coding and input standards.

Type of Material

In Connexion client, Type is the first element in every guided entry prompt. Other elements display depending on the code of the Type. Type codes are the same as Type of Record (Type) except that the 006 Type code for Continuing Resources is s. Type identifies the type of material of the additional characteristics or accompanying material.

Codes. The system supplies a default Type when you send the command to retrieve the guided entry prompt, but you can use alternative codes. Use the following list to determine appropriate Type codes:

Additional characteristics The default code is You can also use
Books a Language material t Manuscript language material
Computer Files m Computer file   No alternative codes
Continuing Resources s Serial/integrating resource   No alternative codes
Maps e Cartographic material f Manuscript cartographic material
Mixed Materials p Mixed materials   No alternative codes
Scores c Notated music d Manuscript notated music
Sound Recordings j Musical sound recording i Nonmusical sound recording
Visual Materials g Projected medium k Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
o Kit
r Three-dimensional artifact or naturally occurring object


For more information, including content designator history, see MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, field 006.