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SrTp:  Type of Continuing Resource

Record Type



CNR: 008/21; 006/04

Input Standards

CNR: Mandatory. One-character code. Default: blank character


CNR, 006

The type of continuing resource.


blank character

None of the following. Type of continuing resource is not specified by one of the other codes. Annual reports, yearbooks, and updating electronic documents are in this category.

SrTp     blank character
245 1 0 Annual report of the National Parliament Office

Updating database. Collection of logically interrelated data stored together in one or more computerized files, usually created and managed by a database management system and which may be accessible via a search interface.

SrTp     d
245 0 0 EPO worldwide patent statistical database

Magazine. Periodical addressing non-scientific, non-professional general interest topics. Magazines can be print or digital. If less granularity is needed, code p can be used.

SrTp     g
245 0 0 National geographic

Blog. Online periodical appearing on a web page that may contain web links and/or comments on a particular topic or subject (broad or narrow in scope), often in the form of short articles arranged in reverse chronological order, the most recently added piece of information appearing first. If less granularity is needed, code w can be used. Blog content may be written or collected by the site owner, or contributed by users.

SrTp     h
245 0 0 Library juice

Journal. Periodical addressing readers interested in a specific subject or profession. Often includes original research and current developments. Journals can be print or digital. If less granularity is needed, code p can be used.

SrTp     j
245 0 0 International journal of bibliometrics in business and management

Updating loose-leaf. Bibliographic resource that consists of a base volume(s) updated by separate pages which are inserted, removed, and/or substituted.

SrTp     l
245 0 0 Corporate counsel's guide to copyright law

Monographic series. Group of analyzable items (i.e., each piece has a distinctive title) that are related to one another by a collective title. The individual items may or may not be numbered. Use for any title that is a series, regardless of its treatment.

SrTp     m
245 0 0 Boulder County nature series

Newspaper. Serial publication that is mainly designed to be a primary source of written information on current events connected with public affairs, either local, national, and/or international in scope. It contains a broad range of news on all subjects and activities and is not limited to any specific subject matter.

SrTp     n
245 0 4 The New York times

Periodical. Broad category of publications that includes resources with separate articles, stories, other writings, etc., that are published or distributed generally more frequently than annually, including journals, magazines, newsletters, and blogs. Periodicals can be print or digital. Use this code if less granularity is needed. Otherwise, prefer codes for the specific types of periodicals.

SrTp     p
245 0 4 The U.F.O. investigator

Repository. Online collection, often scholarly in nature, for storing the publications of an institution or a group of institutions. Can also be a collection of materials on a specific subject or from a specific community. Materials collected include datasets, e-prints, theses and dissertations, teaching and learning materials, and technical reports. If less granularity is needed, code w can be used.

SrTp     r
245 0 0 Oceandocs : ǂb repository of ocean publications
SrTp     r
245 0 0 Digital repository / ǂc Iowa State University

Newsletter. Periodical that can be issued by an organization, generally to its members or to a specific audience, to give current information about a topic or sphere of activity. Newsletters can be print or digital. If less granularity is needed, code p can be used.

SrTp     s
245 0 0 Culture et loisirs
SrTp     s
245 0 0 Newsletter / ǂc Colorado Association of Libraries

Directory. Itemized listing of information for the identification or location of persons, objects, organizations, or places, arranged alphabetically, chronologically, or in some other systematic order, and updated over time. Directories can be print or digital. If less granularity is needed for a digital directory, code w can be used.

SrTp     t
245 0 0 Martindale-Hubbell law directory

Updating Web site. Web site that is subject to periodic updating such as an updating database, repository, or blog. Use this code if less granularity is needed. Otherwise, prefer codes for the specific types of updating web sites.

SrTp     w
245 0 0 Los Angeles daily news


For indexing and searching information, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, 008/21.


For more information, including content designator history, see MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, 008/21 (Continuing Resources).

This page last revised: April 6, 2023