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Whether the work is a festschrift, defined as a complimentary or memorial publication usually in the form of a collection of essays, addresses, or biographical, bibliographic, scientific, or other contributions. It often embodies the results of research, issued in honor of a person, an institution, or a society, as a rule, on the occasion of an anniversary celebration. A true festschrift generally mentions the person, institution, or society it commemorates on the title page, cover, etc. The title of the work may or may not use the word festschrift. Other indications that an item is a festschrift include phrases such as: papers in honor of, in memory of, commemorating, and their equivalents in foreign languages.



Not a festschrift

Fest     0
245 1 0 Essays on Nubian culture / ǂc written and edited by Duane Smith

Festschrift. The item is a festschrift.

Fest     1
245 0 0 Competition and structure : ǂb the political economy of collective decisions : essays in honor of Albert Breton / ǂc edited by Gianluigi Galeotti, Pierre Salmon, Ronald Wintrobe
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