Regl:  Regularity

Record Type



CNR: 008/19; 006/02

Input Standards

CNR: Optional. One-character code. Default: fill character


CNR, 006

The intended regularity of the continuing resource.


The codes in Freq and Regl should agree. Use field 310 to describe the current frequency and regularity. When the frequency and regularity of the publication change, Freq and Regl can be updated to reflect the current publication pattern as recorded in field 310. See Freq, field 310, and field 321 for more information.


Normalized irregular. A continuing resource is irregular in a predictable pattern (e.g., monthly, except in July and August).

Freq     m
Regl     n
310     Monthly (except July and August)

Regular. Intended regular publishing pattern. Use when the frequency of the publication is known and the publisher intends to issue the item on a regular basis. This may be determined from information on the piece or by examining the publishing pattern. For example, if an item states that it is to be issued bimonthly, then Regl is coded r even though the publishing pattern includes occasional variations due to publishing difficulties. Inconsistencies may be recorded in field 515 if needed.

Freq     w
Regl     r
310     Weekly

Unknown. Regularity of the item is unknown. Use code u in Freq when code u is used in Regl.

Freq     u
Regl     u
[No 310 field]

Completely irregular. Use when the frequency is known to be intentionally irregular (Freq is coded blank character) or when the frequency in field 310 is expressed as numbers per year.

Freq     blank character
Regl     x
310     Irregular
Freq     q
Regl     x
310     Five numbers a year
fill character

No attempt to code


This fixed field element is not indexed.


For more information, including content designator history, see MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, 008/19 (Continuing Resources).