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Rec stat:  Record Status

Record Type



ALL: Leader/05

Input Standards

ALL: System supplied. One-character code. Default: n



The status of the record. The system supplies Rec stat. You cannot edit Rec stat.



Increase in encoding level. If the encoding level in selected records from national libraries has been changed to a higher encoding level by those national libraries, and the revised records are received through batchloading, code a indicates an increase in the level of cataloging, e.g., code a is used when a preliminary cataloging record (ELvl code 5) is upgraded to full cataloging level (ELvl code blank character).  


Corrected or revised. If a WorldCat record is replaced in any situation other than what is described under codes a or p, Rec stat changes to code c.


New. The WorldCat record has not been changed.


Increase in encoding level from prepublication. If a Cataloging-in-Publication record is replaced with the full MARC record received through batchloading (i.e., ELvl changes from code 8 to code blank character or 1), Rec stat changes to code p.


This fixed field element is not indexed.

This page last revised: August 7, 2020