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029  Other System Control Number (R)

Record Type


Input Standards

Field (Full/Minimal)
System supplied/System supplied
1st Indicator  The type of system control number
0 Primary control number
1 Secondary control number
2nd Indicator  Undefined
blank character Undefined
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards (Full/Minimal)
ǂa OCLC library identifier (NR) System supplied/System supplied
ǂb System control number (NR) System supplied/System supplied
ǂc OAI set name (NR) System supplied/System supplied
ǂt Content type identifier (NR) System supplied/System supplied


OCLC uses field 029 for system control numbers for records from non-OCLC automated systems (e.g., Library and Archives Canada, the British Library, WorldCat Cataloging Partners vendors, etc.). OCLC uses these numbers to process and track records from other systems.


029 1   OCL ǂc /p15000coll1 ǂt CNTNT
029 1   CNTNT ǂb /p103401ccp2_mzb
029 1   AU@ ǂb 000025198108
029 0   PKCLI ǂb df:O.A ǂc https://www.dietfactor.com.pk/index.php/df/oai df:O.A ǂt DGCOLL

1st Indicator

The type of system control number. Whether the other system control number is primary or secondary.


Primary control number. Field 029 has been present in this record since the record was added to WorldCat. At most, only one field 029 with 1st indicator 0 can be present in a record.


Secondary control number. Field 029 has been transferred from another WorldCat record as part of a merge or other transaction.

2nd Indicator

Undefined. The 2nd indicator position is undefined and contains a blank.

blank character



ǂa OCLC library identifier

The institution from which the non-OCLC system number is generated.

029 1   UKMGB ǂb 020480688
029 1   DEBBG ǂb BV012205246
029 1   NZ1 ǂb 2880391
029 1   GBVCP ǂb 189560495
ǂb System control number

The entire number.

029 1   UNITY ǂb 039894088
029 1   HEBIS ǂb 035810602
029 1   NLGGC ǂb 85012607X
029 1   DKDLA ǂb 800010-katalog:99124122970205763
ǂc OAI set name

Contains the collection alias for CONTENTdm-based items. Contains the OAI set name for other digital items.

029 0   PKCLI ǂb mjz:C.S ǂc https://www.markhorjournal.com/index.php/mjz/oai mjz:C.S ǂt DGCOLL
029 0   CDLER ǂb oai:escholarship.org:ark:/13030/qt6g99j5pf ǂc https://escholarship.org/oai DCG_ENTIRE_REPOSITORY ǂt DGCNT
029 0   TRC ǂb oai:cgsc.contentdm.oclc.org:p4013coll9 ǂc http://cgsc.contentdm.oclc.org/cgi-bin/oai2.exe p4013coll9 ǂt CNTCOLL
ǂt Content type identifier

Identifies the type of CONTENTdm collection or item or other type of digital collection or item. The following codes are used:

CNTCOLL CONTENTdm collections
DGCNT All other digital items
DGCOLL All other digital collections
029 0   UKLIN ǂb oai:eprints.lincoln.ac.uk:50526 ǂc http://eprints.lincoln.ac.uk/cgi/oai2 7374617475733D756E707562 ǂt DGCNT
029 0   USU ǂb oai:cdm16005.contentdm.oclc.org:p16005coll8/124 ǂc http://cdm16005.contentdm.oclc.org/oai/oai.php p16005coll8 ǂt CNTNT
029 0   LRU ǂb tulane_p16313coll16 ǂc http://digitallibrary.tulane.edu/oai2 tulane_p16313coll16 ǂt DGCOLL


Include or omit punctuation as needed.

For more information on punctuation, including OCLC policy, see section 2.8, Punctuation.


Field 029 is not indexed.


Field 029 is OCLC-defined and therefore not included in MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data.

This page last revised: February 21, 2023