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530  Additional Physical Form Available Note (R)

Record Type


Input Standards

1st Indicator  Undefined
blank character Undefined
2nd Indicator  Undefined
blank character Undefined
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards
ǂa Additional physical form available note (NR) Mandatory/Mandatory
ǂb Availability source (NR) Optional/Optional
ǂc Availability conditions (NR) Optional/Optional
ǂd Order number (NR) Optional/Optional
ǂu Uniform Resource Identifier (R) Optional/Optional
ǂ3 Materials specified (NR) Optional/Optional
ǂ6 Linkage (NR) System supplied/System supplied
ǂ8 Field link and sequence number (R) Optional/Optional


A note about a different physical or digital format in which the described item is available. If the publisher of the additional physical or digital form is different from the publisher of the item being cataloged, you may enter source and order number information for the additional form. The additional form may be published and/or made available for use at a repository in the additional form. When specific title and database control number information is available for the other format, enter the bibliographic information in field 776. Preference is to use the field 776 subfield ǂi Relationship information instead of the field 530 note.

Use field 530 only for notes describing different physical or digital formats. Use field 500 for information about other editions (e.g., different language versions, earlier versions, or shorter versions).

1st Indicator

Undefined. The 1st indicator position is undefined and contains a blank.

blank character


2nd Indicator

Undefined. The 2nd indicator position is undefined and contains a blank.

blank character



ǂa Additional physical form available note

A description of the additional physical or digital forms and any text not belonging in other subfields. Pre-1989 serial records may have availability source, availability conditions, and order number in subfield ǂa. Current practice is to use subfields ǂb, ǂc, and ǂd for such information.

530     Also available via the World Wide Web.
530     Available on microfiche.
530     COM fiche and hard copies available for consultation.
530     Issued also as 16 mm. filmstrip in cartridge and as slide set and as videorecording.
530     Issued also as a motion picture.
530     Issued as Beta 1/2 in. or VHS 1/2 in. or U-matic 3/4 in.
ǂb Availability source

The agency or vendor from which the item may be acquired.

530     Photoreproduced facsimile version; ǂb Published as Dudley, Cuthbert, ed., The Novel of Lord Ethelbert of Waxlot (Oxford University Press, 1973).
ǂc Availability conditions

The terms under which the additional physical or digital form of the material is available. (e.g., photocopies at cost or tape will be copied for research purposes according to the posted price schedule).

530     Available in microfilm as part of the Papers of Grover P. Stover; ǂb Documentary microfilms, 450 East 52nd St., New York, NY 10006; ǂc Buyers must acquire entire film set; ǂd DM-GPS81.
ǂd Order number

The order number for the additional physical or digital form.

530     ǂ3 Dispatches from U.S. consuls in Batavia, Java, Netherlands East Indies, 1818-1906 ǂa Available in microfilm; ǂb National Archives; ǂd M449; ǂc Standing order account required.
ǂu Uniform Resource Identifier

For information about subfield ǂu, see Control Subfields. Repeat subfield if digital object has multiple identifiers (URIs).

530     Online version available via The New Bartleby Library ǂu http://www.bartleby.com/99_index.html
ǂ3 Materials specified

For information about subfield ǂ3, see Control Subfields.

530     ǂ3 Diaries and correspondence ǂa Available on microfilm; ǂc For use in repository only.
ǂ6 Linkage

Data that link fields when non-Latin script is entered. This subfield is system supplied and does not appear in OCLC online displays. Do not add subfield ǂ6. For more information about subfield ǂ6, see Control Subfields.

ǂ8 Field link and sequence number

For information about subfield ǂ8, see Control Subfields.


For indexing and searching information, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, field 530.

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