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SpFm:  Special Format Characteristics

Record Type



MAP: 008/33-34; 006/16-17

Input Standards

MAP: Optional. Up to two, one-character codes. Default: blank character blank character


MAP, 006

The special format characteristics of a map. Enter one or two, one-character codes. Enter codes in order of importance. If more than two characteristics are appropriate to an item, only the two most important are recorded.


If only one SpFm code applies, use that code in the first character position and leave the second position blank. Leave the default codes, blank character blank character for ordinary printed maps.

blank character

No specified special format characteristics. Item is a regular printed map.

SpFm     blank character blank character
245 0 4 The figure of the World
300     4 maps on 1 sheet ; ǂc 12 cm diameter or smaller, sheet 21 x 34 cm

Manuscript. Item is drawn or fashioned by hand.

SpFm     e blank character
245 1 0 Map of location 11th hundred miles U.P.R.R. : ǂb [Utah] / ǂc G.M. Dodge, Chief Engr.
300     1 map : ǂb manuscript, colored, linen ; ǂc 61 x 186 cm
340     textile ǂb 61 x 186 cm ǂc ink, watercolor ǂd manuscript (handwritten) ǂ2 rda
500     Pen-and-ink, colored ink, and watercolor on tracing linen

Picture card, post card. Item is a picture or post card.

SpFm     j blank character
245 0 0 H.M.A.S. Sydney : ǂb light cruiser
300     1 postcard : ǂb map ; ǂc 9 x 15 cm

Calendar. Item also functions as a calendar.

SpFm     k blank character
245 1 0 Geographical fun : ǂb humorous maps of serious countries : Library of Congress 2000 calendar / ǂc introduction and text by Linda Barrett Osborne
300     1 calendar (28 unnumbered pages) : ǂb 12 color maps ; ǂc 30 x 30 cm

Puzzle. The item's image may be disassembled into pieces and reassembled.

SpFm     l blank character
245 1 4 The world
300     1 jigsaw puzzle (50 pieces) : ǂb color, paper on cardboard ; ǂc 55 x 90 cm, in box 27 x 33 x 7 cm

Game. Item may be used as or is part of a game.

SpFm     n blank character
245 0 0 Wallis's complete voyage round the world : ǂb a new geographical pastime / ǂc S. Cooke, sculpt. 47 Fetter Lane
300     1 map : ǂb color, mounted on linen ; ǂc 2 hemispheres each 30 cm in diameter, on sheet 50 x 62 cm

Wall map. Item is a wall map.

SpFm     o blank character
245 0 0 Philip's world wall map
300     1 map : ǂb color ; ǂc on sheet 77 x 107 cm, rolled in tube 78 x 5 x 5 cm

Playing cards. Item is in the form of playing cards.

SpFm     p blank character
245 0 0 Bicycle escape map : ǂb WWII commemorative map deck
300     60 playing cards : ǂb color ; ǂc 9 x 7 cm
500     "A map on the cards. Inspired by the original map decks that allowed escaping prisoners to find their way to safety"
500     56 playing cards plus 2 jokers comprise the map. Deck includes 1 card with text and another that is a "Map assembly" key

Loose-leaf. Item consists of separate leaves intended to be stored in a binder or case. Loose-leaf items are meant to be updated.

SpFm     r blank character
245 1 0 Shell road map atlas folio / ǂc maps by the H.M. Gousha Company
300     1 atlas (loose-leaf) : ǂb color maps, illustrations ; ǂc 47 cm
500     In portfolio
500     "Shell Touring Service will gladly supply you with road maps of every state ..."--Inside back cover

Other. None of the other codes is appropriate.

SpFm     z blank character
245 0 0 [LANDSAT-4 remote-sensing image of the Moab region, Utah and Colorado]
300     1 remote-sensing image : ǂb color ; ǂc 34 x 39 cm
fill character

No attempt to code. If the fill character is used, both positions must be coded with the fill character.

SpFm     fill characterfill character


This fixed field element is not indexed.


For more information, including content designator history, see MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, 008/33-34 (Maps).

This page last revised: November 11, 2020