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505  Formatted Contents Note (R)

Record Type


Input Standards

1st Indicator  Display constant controller
1 Incomplete contents
2 Partial contents
8 No display constant generated
2nd Indicator  Level of content designation
blank character Basic
0 Enhanced
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards
ǂa Formatted contents note (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂg Miscellaneous information (R) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂr Statement of responsibility (R) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂt Title (R) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂu Uniform Resource Identifier (R) Optional/Optional
ǂ6 Linkage (NR) System supplied/System supplied
ǂ8 Field link and sequence number (R) Optional/Optional


A formatted contents note. Contents notes may be encoded at one of two levels: basic or enhanced. The use of enhanced (or subfielded) 505 notes is strongly encouraged to provide the level of detail allowed by RDA instructions.

Contents notes contain the titles of separate works or parts of an item. They may also include statements of responsibility associated with the works or parts. Volume numbers and other sequential designations are included in a contents note, but chapter numbers are omitted.


Archival material and MIX

For material under archival control and mixed materials, use field 505 for the table of contents of a finding aid. Use field 505 also for the physical form (box, folder, etc.).

1st Indicator

Display constant controller. A value that controls the generation of the display constant preceding the note.


Contents. A complete contents note for an item. Use to generate the display constant Contents:.

505 ǂg Introduction / ǂr Mark D. Jordan -- ǂt "Surpassing the love of women" : another look at 2 Samuel 1:26 and the relationship of David and Jonathan / ǂr Saul M. Olyan -- ǂt Familiar idolatry and the Christian case against marriage / ǂr Dale B. Martin -- ǂt Marriage and friendship in the Christian New Testament : ancient resources for contemporary same-sex unions / ǂr Mary Ann Tolbert -- ǂt Why is Rabbi Yoḥanan a woman? or, a queer marriage gone bad : "platonic love" in the Talmud / ǂr Daniel Boyarin -- ǂt Can I really count on you? /ǂr Laurence Paul Hemming -- ǂt Contemplating a Jewish ritual of same-sex union : an inquiry into the meanings of marriage / ǂr Steven Greenberg -- ǂt Arguing liturgical genealogies, or, the ghosts of weddings past / ǂr Mark D. Jordan -- ǂt Hooker and the new Puritans / ǂr Kathryn Tanner -- ǂt Ad imaginem Dei : is there a moral here? / ǂr Susan Frank Parsons -- ǂt Trinity, marriage, and homosexuality / ǂr Eugene F. Rogers Jr.

Incomplete contents. All the parts of a multipart item are not available for analysis. This is either because the parts have not been published or because they have not yet been acquired by the cataloging agency. Use to generate the display constant Incomplete contents:.

505 1 ǂg Band 1. ǂt Westeuropäische Staaten, Türkei, Palästina/Israel, lateinamerikanische Staaten, Südafrikanische Union
[Other parts are to be added after Band 1]
505 1 ǂg maki 1. ǂt Shosei no uta. Jō -- ǂg maki 2. ǂt Kyōikuchō no uta -- ǂg maki 6. ǂt Kanshuku no uta. Jō
[Volumes 3-5 are missing]

Partial contents. A partial contents note for an item even though all the parts of an item are available for analysis. Use to generate the display constant Partial contents:.

505 2 ǂg Manual 1. ǂt Principles of solar geometry and optics -- ǂg Manual 2. ǂt Solar radiation quantitative analysis -- ǂg Manual 3. ǂt Heat transfer principles for solar applications -- ǂg Manual 4. ǂt Passive solar hearing systems.

No display constant generated. The value that specifies that a display constant is not generated.

505 8 ǂg Audio disc contents: Ukázka z pořadu Českého rozhlasu ǂt Zapomenutý brněnský Paganini Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst / ǂr hovoří Jan Pěčka a Jan Hlavác ǂg (16:06) -- ǂt Nocturno, op. 8. čís. 1 / ǂr H.W. Ernst ǂg (3:14) -- ǂt Bolero, op. 16 / ǂr H.W. Ernst ǂg (7:20).
[The note details the contents of the accompanying material for a audio disc]
505 ǂg vol. 1. ǂt The history of Anne Arundel County -- ǂg vol. 2. ǂt The history of ... [Intermediate volumes are omitted from this example] -- ǂg vol. 23. ǂt The history of Prince Georges County --
505 8 0 ǂg vol. 24. ǂt The history of Washington County beginning in 1884 -- ǂg vol. 25. ǂt State manifest and birth record (1764-1977).
[The second contents note continues the note begun in the first note]

2nd Indicator

Level of content designation. The level of content designation provided for the data recorded in the field.
blank character

Basic. All information is recorded in a single occurrence of subfield ǂa.

505   pt. 1. Carbon -- pt. 2. Nitrogen -- pt. 3. Sulphur -- pt. 4. Metals.

Enhanced. The enhanced content designation is supplied for the parts detailed in the formatted contents note. Data is encoded with repetitions of the defined subfields other than subfield ǂa.

505 ǂt Quark models / ǂr J. Rosner -- ǂt Introduction to gauge theories of the strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions / ǂr C. Quigg -- ǂt Deep inelastic leptonnucleon scattering / ǂr D.H. Perkins -- ǂt Jet phenomena / ǂr M. Jacob -- ǂt An accelerator design study / ǂr R.R. Wilson -- ǂt Lectures in accelerator theory / ǂr M. Month.
505 ǂg volume 1. ǂt Abor-Mode -- ǂg volume 2. ǂt Mone-Zen.


ǂa Formatted contents note

The formatted contents note, whether complete, incomplete, or partial when the 2nd indicator value is blank character. Use for titles, statements of responsibility, volume numbers and sequential designations, durations (for sound records), etc. For records formulated according to AACR2 rules, separate elements by ISBD punctuation.

505 0   Inventory -- Appendix I, List of completed project files of the Commission of Fine Arts (Entry 6) -- Appendix II, Members of the Commission of Fine Arts, 1910-54.
505 0   pt. 1. Origins and overview (104 frames, 19 min., 54 sec.) -- pt. 2. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance (96 frames, 25 min., 9 sec.) -- pt. 3. The Baroque era (91 frames, 24 min., 20 sec.) -- pt. 4. Into the classical period (84 frames, 21 min.) -- pt. 5. Early romanticism (95 frames, 22 min., 33 sec.) -- pt. 6. Later romanticism (94 frames, 22 min., 49 sec.) -- pt. 7. The early twentieth century (102 frames, 24 min., 1 sec.) -- pt. 8. Into the 1980s (94 frames, 20 min., 27 sec.).
505   Description and arrangement -- Container list series I -- Container list series II.
505   The fourth millennium / Henry Brant (9:00) -- Music for brass quintet (14:00).
ǂg Miscellaneous information  

Any information other than statement of responsibility or title in an enhanced contents note (2nd indicator value 0) including page numbering, part, timing, volume or other extent information such as dates.

Do not use subfield ǂg for prepositions to separate the name from the title in field 505. See subfield ǂr for more information.

Do not use subfield ǂg to separate initial articles from titles in field 505. See subfield ǂt for more information.

505 ǂt Sonata for viola and piano ǂg (1921) (24:51) -- ǂt Prelude, allegro, and pastorale ǂg (1941) (14:47) -- ǂt Two pieces for viola and cello ǂg (1930) (6:02) -- ǂt Passacaglia on an old English tune ǂg (1943) (5:30).
505 ǂg Lecture 1. ǂt Approaching Shakespeare ; the scene begins -- ǂg Lecture 2. ǂt Shakespeare's theater and stagecraft -- ǂg Lecture 3. ǂt Midsummer Night's Dream ; comic tools -- ǂg Lecture 4. ǂt Midsummer Night's Dream ; comic structure -- ǂg Lecture 5. ǂt Romeo and Juliet ; words, words, words -- ǂg Lecture 6. ǂt Romeo and Juliet ; the tools of tragedy -- ǂg Lecture 7. ǂt Appearance versus reality in Twelfth Night -- ǂg Lecture 8. ǂt Twelfth Night ; more comic tools -- ǂg Lecture 9. ǂt Richard II ; history and kingship -- ǂg Lecture 10. ǂt Politics as theater in Henry IV, part 1 -- ǂg Lecture 11. ǂt Henry IV, part 2 ; contrast and complexity -- ǂg Lecture 12. ǂt Drama of ideas in Henry V -- ǂg Lecture 13. ǂt Macbeth ; "foul and fair" -- ǂg Lecture 14. ǂt Tragic woman in Macbeth -- ǂg Lecture 15. ǂt Staging Hamlet -- ǂg Lecture 16. ǂt Religious drama of Hamlet -- ǂg Lecture 17. ǂt Women of Hamlet -- ǂg Lecture 18. ǂt Merchant of Venice ; comedy or tragedy? -- ǂg Lecture 19. ǂt Arc of character in the Merchant of Venice -- ǂg Lecture 20. ǂt Measure for Measure ; is this comedy? -- ǂg Lecture 21. ǂt Measure for Measure ; overcoming tragedy -- ǂg Lecture 22. ǂt Tools of romance in The Tempest -- ǂg Lecture 23. ǂt Tempest ; Shakespeare's farewell to art -- ǂg Lecture 24. ǂt Tools for a lifetime of Shakespeare.
505 ǂg Disc 1. ǂt Treehouse of horror XV -- ǂt All's fair in oven war -- ǂt Sleeping with the enemy -- ǂt She used to be my girl -- ǂt Fat man and little boy -- ǂt Midnight Rx -- ǂt Mommie beerest ǂg Disc 2. ǂt Homer and Ned's hail Mary pass -- ǂt Pranksta rap -- ǂt There's something about marrying -- ǂt On a clear day I can't see my sister -- ǂt Goo goo gai pan -- ǂt Mobile Homer -- ǂt The seven-beer snitch ǂg Disc 3. ǂt Future-drama -- ǂt Don't fear the roofer -- ǂt The heartbroke kid -- ǂt A star is torn -- ǂt Thank God it's doomsday -- ǂt Home away from Homer -- ǂt The Father, the Son and the Holy guest star.
ǂr Statement of responsibility  

The statement of responsibility of the article or part in an enhanced contents note (2nd indicator value ). Use for personal or corporate names or other information associated with the statement of responsibility.

Do not use subfield ǂg for prepositions to separate the name from the title. Prepositions in names should be included in subfield ǂr when inputting an enhanced contents note.

505 ǂt What's new? / ǂr Bob Haggert ; Johnny Burke ; arranged by Bill Holman (Eric Stabnau, tenor saxophone ; Gomeh Barak, trumpet ; Jonathan Parker, alto saxophone ; Mike Conrad, trombone) ǂg (5:38) -- ǂt Stella by starlight / ǂr Victor Young ; Ned Washington ; arranged by Bill Holman (Marc Schwartz, alto saxophone) ǂg (5:27) -- ǂt Witch hunt ǂr (Marc Abrate, baritone saxophone ; Reuben Allen, piano ; Gomeh Barak, trumpet) ǂg (4:37) ; ǂt Livingstone, I presume ǂr (Gabe Condon, guitar ; Eric Stabnau, tenor saxophone ; Reuben Allen, piano ; Reid Poole, trumpet) ǂg (4:06) ; ǂt The ballad of Hix Blewitt ǂr (Marc Schwartz, flute) ǂg (3:33) ; ǂt Concerto for Billy the Kid ǂr (Reuben Allen, piano ; Joe Kowzlowski, trumpet) ǂg (5:27) / ǂr George Russell ; orchestrated by Bill Dobbins -- ǂt The controversial suite / ǂr Duke Ellington (Eric Stabnau, tenor saxophone ; Reuben Allen, piano ; Matt Krol, bass ; Dave Detweiler, clarinet, soprano saxophone ; Gomeh Barak, trumpet ; Mike Conrad, trombone) ǂg (11:08) -- ǂt Theme from The bad and the beautiful / ǂr David Raksin ; arranged by Nick Weiser (Alistair Duncan, trombone) ǂg (5:32) -- ǂt Rough around the edges / ǂr Reuben Allen (Jonathan Parker, alto saxophone ; Reid Poole, trumpet) ǂg (8:59) -- ǂt Medley. La plus que lente / ǂr Claude Debussy ; ǂt Passion flower / ǂr Billy Strayhorn ; arranged by Bill Dobbins (Reuben Allen, piano ; Dennis Mackrel, drums) ǂg (10:43).
505 ǂg Disc 1. ǂt Marty / ǂr television play by Paddy Chayefsky ; produced by Fred Coe ; directed by Delbert Mann ǂg (1953 ; 52 min.) ; ǂt Patterns / ǂr written by Rod Serling ; directed by Fielder Cook ǂg (1955 ; 53 min.) ; ǂt No time for sergeants / ǂr written for television by Ira Levin ; produced by the Theatre Guild ; directed by Alex Segal ǂg (1955 ; 50 min.) -- ǂg Disc 2. ǂt A wind from the South / ǂr written for television by James Costigan ; directed by Daniel Petrie ; produced by the Theatre Guild ǂg (1955 ; 51 min.) ; ǂt Bang the drum slowly / ǂr a production of the Theater Guild ; directed by Daniel Petrie ; adapted by Arnold Schulman ǂg (1956 ; 52 min.) ; ǂt Requiem for a heavyweight / ǂr directed by Ralph Nelson ; produced by Martin Manulis ; written by Rod Serling ; Playhouse 90 ǂg (1956 ; 73 min.) -- ǂg Disc 3. ǂt The comedian / ǂr written by Rod Serling ; directed by John Frankenheimer ; produced by Martin Manulis ; Playhouse 90 ǂg (1957 ; 74 min.) ; ǂt Days of wine and roses / ǂr written by JP Miller ; directed by John Frankenheimer ; produced by Fred Coe ; Playhouse 90 ǂg (1958 ; 80 min.).
ǂt Title  

The title in an enhanced contents note (2nd indicator value 0).

505 ǂt Thematic index [of Spohr's symphonies] -- ǂt Symphony in F major, no. 4, op. 86 : ǂt Die Weihe der Töne -- ǂt Symphony in G major, no. 6, op. 116 : ǂt Historische Symphonie -- ǂt Symphony in C major, no. 7, op. 121 : ǂt Irdisches und Göttliches in Menschenleben.

The correct transcription of formal contents notes is governed by the following rules.

  • AACR2 rule 2.7B18 and its Library of Congress Rule Interpretation
  • The corresponding contents note rules (and Library of Congress Rule Interpretations) in subsequent AACR2 chapters
  • RDA 25.1 and and their LC-PCC PS's
  • The corresponding contents note rules (and LC-PCC PS rules) in subsequent RDA chapters

Do not use subfield ǂg to separate initial articles from titles. Initial articles in titles should be included in subfield ǂt when inputting an enhanced contents note.

505 ǂt Intro -- ǂt Electric Uncle Sam -- ǂt Natural Joe -- ǂt Laquer head -- ǂt The antipop -- ǂt Eclectic electric -- ǂt Greet the sacred cow -- ǂt Mama didn't raise no fool -- ǂt Dirty drowning man -- ǂt Ballad bodacious -- ǂt Power mad -- ǂt The final voyage of the liquid sky -- ǂt Coattails of a dead man..
505 ǂt Introduction -- ǂt The kingdom of how to be good -- ǂt The little girl who spoke with trees -- ǂt The turtle who just couldn't keep his mouth shut -- ǂt The real bargain -- ǂt Shifting sands -- ǂt The child who loved his neighbor -- ǂt The elephant and the blind friends -- ǂt The child who swallowed the sun -- ǂt The boy who wasn't afraid -- ǂt The elephant and the stray dog -- ǂt Brother rabbit and the tar baby.
505 ǂt Presentación / ǂr Federico Campbell -- ǂt Dulcísimos ecos en tres movimientos / ǂt Rosina Conde -- ǂt El señor de los perros / ǂr Alberto Chimal -- ǂt DF en un abrir y cerrar de agua / ǂr Mónica Lavín -- ǂt Fotos / ǂr Élmer Mendoza -- ǂt Los campechanos y el barrio universitario de la cuidad de México / ǂr Silvia Molina -- ǂt Las estaciones del sueño / ǂr Mauricio Montiel Figueiras -- ǂt Un diente sobre el pavimento / ǂr Eduard Antonio Parra -- ǂt Cmenuebo / ǂr Agustín Ramos -- ǂt Príncipe en la ciudad / ǂr Juan José Rodríguez -- ǂt Instantáneas del defe / ǂr Carlos Antonio de la Sierra -- ǂt Insurgentes Big Sur / ǂr Federico Campbell -- ǂt Autores.
505 ǂt Die Ewigkeit des Augenblicks -- ǂt Der Bürgermeister von Teltow -- ǂt Das Haus in der Dorotheenstraße -- ǂt Die Cellistin -- ǂt Der Schatten.

Data in contents notes were never intended to be controlled access points. To provide access to such data, use the appropriate 7xx fields. If appropriate, create controlled name/title entries in fields 700, 710, or 711; or uniform title entries in field 730. Uncontrolled related and analytical titles, which may be coded to eliminate initial articles, belong in field 740.

ǂu Uniform Resource Identifier

The URI links to an online table of contents. Do not use subfield ǂu to link to the full text of the described resource or any portion of the full text other than the table of contents. For information about subfield ǂu, see Control Subfields. Repeat subfield ǂu if digital object has multiple identifiers (URIs).

505 0
  ǂu http://lcweb.loc.gov/catdir/toc/99176484.html
505 0
0 ǂt What's wrong with how we live? -- ǂt Kind deeds are never lost -- ǂt An hour early -- ǂt Helping others -- ǂt If you're going to do a job -- ǂt Lessons on character -- ǂt Stand! ǂu http://catdir.loc.gov/catdir/toc/ecip0613/2006013643.html
ǂ6 Linkage

Data that link fields when non-Latin script is entered. This subfield is system supplied and does not appear in OCLC online displays. Do not add subfield ǂ6. For more information about subfield ǂ6, see Control Subfields.

ǂ8 Field link and sequence number

For information about subfield ǂ8, see Control Subfields.


For indexing and searching information, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, field 505.

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