Fixed Field

 Fixed Field Introduction

Fixed field

The OCLC Fixed Field consists of elements of the MARC 21 Bibliographic Leader and field 008, in addition to control fields 001 and 005. The Fixed Field may be displayed as a single area with mnemonic labels for each element or as a separate variable field in Connexion client and WorldShare Record Manager. These cataloger-chosen options allow for easier input and/or interpretation.

Field 006 functions as an extension of field 008 when the resource represented by the record has multiple format characteristics. Field 006 contains a subset of the positions defined in the 008 field. The input and display of field 006 elements varies by interface and selected options. In MARC 21, field 006 does not have indicators or subfield codes.

Elements in both the Fixed Field and field 006 are identified by position.

MARC Leader and 008 field elements common to all formats

The following tables show the byte position, and the fixed field mnemonic and/or name and, when applicable, the input standard of elements of the MARC Leader and those elements of the MARC 008 common to all bibliographic formats. These tables allow you to identify elements when setting up your local technical specifications or if viewing them in a display other than through an OCLC interface or a straight MARC display in your local system.

The MARC Leader is a fixed field that comprises the first 24 character positions (00-23) of each bibliographic record and consists of data elements that contain numbers or coded values that define the parameters for the processing of the record.

Field 008 character positions 00-17 and 35-39 are defined the same for field 008 in the MARC 21 bibliographic format, regardless of record type.

Byte Leader   Byte 008 Field
00-04 Logical Record Length 00-05 Entered
05 Rec stat 06 DtSt
06 Type 07-10 Dates (Date 1)
07 BLvl 11-14 Dates (Date 2)
08 Ctrl 15-17 Ctry
09 Character Coding Scheme 18-34 Format specific (See below)
10 Indicator Count 35-37 Lang
11 Subfield Code Count 38 MRec
12-16 Base Address of Data 39 Srce
17 ELvl  
18 Desc
19 Linked Record Requirement
20 Length of the Length-of-Field Portion
21 Length of the Starting-Character-Position Portion
22 Transaction Type Code in Hexadecimal (OCLC defined)
23 Undefined

Format-Specific 008 and 006 elements

The definition of field 008 character positions 18-34 varies according to the Type of Record code in Leader/06 and Bibliographic Level code in Leader/07. Certain data elements are defined the same in more than one 008 field configuration. When similar data elements are defined for inclusion in a field 008 for different record types/bibliographic level, they generally occupy the same field 008 character positions.
  0 a, t s m e, f p i, j c, d g, k, o, r
18 1 Ills Freq   Relf   Comp Comp Time
19 2 Regl    
20 3       FMus FMus
21 4 SrTp     Part Part  
22 5 Audn Orig Audn Proj   Audn Audn Audn
23 6 Form Form Form Form Form Form  
24 7 Cont EntW       AccM AccM  
25 8 Cont   CrTp    
26 9 File      
27 10        
28 11 GPub GPub GPub GPub   GPub
29 12 Conf Conf   Form   Form
30 13 Fest         LTxt LTxt  
31 14 Indx     Indx    
32 15                
33 16 LitF Alph   SpFm   TrAr TrAr TMat
34 17 Biog S/L         Tech

For more information about the MARC Leader and field 008 in bibliographic records, see MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data Leader and 008--Fixed-Length Data Elements--General Information. For more information about the MARC Leader and field 008 in holdings records, see MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data Leader and 008--Fixed-Length Data Elements--General Information.

Input standards for Leader, 008, and 006 elements

The same input standards apply for fixed field elements in 008 and 006. For more information about field 006, see MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data 006 Introduction--Additional Material Characteristics.

The input standards designations used in the table below are M (Mandatory), O (Optional), R (Required if applicable), and SS (System supplied). For more information about input standards, see section 1.2, Input Standards.

AccM Accompanying Matter O O
Alph Original Alphabet or Script of Title O
Audn Target Audience O O O O O
Biog Biography O
BLvl Bibliographic Level M M M M M M M M
Comp Form of Composition O O
Conf Conference Publication M O
Cont Nature of Contents O O
CrTp Type of Cartographic Material M
Ctrl Type of Control R R R R R R R R
Ctry Country of Publication, etc. R R R R R R R R
Dates Date 1 and Date 2 M M M M M M M M
Desc Descriptive Cataloging Form M M M M M M M M
DtSt Type of Date/Publication Status M M M1 M M M M M
ELvl Encoding Level M M M M M M M M
Entered Date Entered SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS
EntW Nature of Entire Work O
Fest Festschrift M
File Type of Computer File O
FMus Format of Music SS O
Form Form of Item R R R R R R R R
Freq Frequency O
GPub Government Publication M M M M M
Ills Illustrations O
Indx Index O O
Lang Language Code M M M M M M M M
LitF Literary Form O
LTxt Literary Text for Sound Recordings O SS
MRec Modified Record R R R R R R R R
Orig Form of Original Item R,O2
Part Music Parts SS O
Proj Projection R
Rec stat Record Status SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS
Regl Regularity O
Relf Relief M
Replaced Date of Last Replace SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS
S/L Entry Convention M
SpFm Special Format Characteristics M
Srce Cataloging Source M M M M M M M M
SrTp Type of Continuing Resource M
Tech Technique O
Time Running Time M1
TMat Type of Material M
TrAr Transposition and Arrangement SS O
Type Type of Record 3 M M M M M M M M
1 Mandatory for motion pictures and videorecordings. Use nnn for other materials in VIS.
2 Required if applicable for microform items; optional for non-microform items.
3 Includes Type of Material (006)