007 Physical Description Fixed Field--General Information

007 Introduction

Field 007

Use field 007 to code data related to the physical characteristics of resources. The data coded in field 007 may refer to the resource as a whole, to parts of the resource including accompanying material, or to additional physical characteristics applicable to the resource. The physical characteristics are often related to information in other parts of the MARC record, including field 300, fields 33x and 34x, and some of the 5xx note fields.

In Connexion, OCLC uses subfield codes in field 007 displays to assist with readability and editing; however, the subfield codes are not included or stored in electronic versions of the WorldCat record. In Record Manager, field 007 displays as a variable field and may be clicked on and expanded for guided entry. In MARC 21, field 007 is a control field that does not have indicators or subfield codes.

Elements in field 007 are identified in a generic tree structure determined by their position according to the Category of Material as defined by the first position (007/00) in the field.

007/00 Category of Material

a Map
c Electronic resource
d Globe
f Tactile material
g Projected graphic
h Microform
k Nonprojected graphic
m Motion picture
o Kit
q Notated music
r Remote-sensing image
s Sound recording
t Text
v Videorecording
z Unspecified

Each field 007 tree structure for a particular Category of Material has a defined length, except for field 007 for Motion Pictures and field 007 for Electronic Resources. In those two cases, there is a basic set of defined character positions that may be followed by an optional extended set of values. For a table of field 007 bytes/positions, corresponding OCLC-defined subfields, and values, see 007 Values Table.

Field 007 is repeatable to allow for the coding of different physical formats represented in the same bibliographic record and components of the resource that are in different material categories. All alphabetic codes used in field 007 are entered in lowercase.

MARC 21 defines a fill character in every bibliographic 007 position, except for 007/00 (Category of Material, subfield ǂa) and 007/02 (Undefined, subfield ǂc) in each 007 format. In WorldCat, the fill character is not valid in any bibliographic 007 position.


For indexing and searching information, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, field 007.


For more information, including content designator history, see MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data, field 007.