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245  Title Statement (NR)

Record Type


Input Standards

1st Indicator  Title added entry
0 No added entry
1 Added entry
2nd Indicator  Nonfiling characters
0 No nonfiling characters
1-9 Number of nonfiling characters present
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards
ǂa Title (NR) Non-archival material: Mandatory/Mandatory
Archival material: Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂb Remainder of title (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂc Statement of responsibility, etc. (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂf Inclusive dates (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂg Bulk dates (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂh Medium (NR) Do not use/Do not use
ǂk Form (R) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂn Number of part/section of a work (R) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂp Name of part/section of a work (R) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂs Version (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
ǂ6 Linkage (NR) System supplied/System supplied
ǂ8 Field link and sequence number (R) Optional/Optional


The title and statement of responsibility. Field 245 consists of the title proper and may also contain alternative title, parallel title(s), other title information, the remainder of the title page transcription, and statement(s) of responsibility. The title proper includes the numerical designation of a part/section and the name of a part/section.

For guidance on recording parallel data elements describing musical resources, see “Supplement 2” of the Music Library Association’s Supplements to Best Practices for Music Cataloging Using RDA and MARC21.


Archival materials

For archival materials, the title statement is defined as the name by which the material is known. In addition to the title and remainder of title-page transcription, the title statement may include inclusive dates (subfield ǂf) and bulk dates (subfield ǂg) pertaining to a collection.

For archival materials with no formal bibliographic title, use subfield ǂk as the first subfield when the form of material is the only title information. If your local system requires a subfield ǂa as the first subfield, you may enter a "form of material" statement in subfield ǂa. Use subfield ǂk also to indicate "form" even if a formal title is given in subfields ǂa, ǂb, and ǂc.

The descriptive cataloging conventions used to create the record influence the use and placement of subfields. Use of tags and subfields should follow the intent of the descriptive conventions. Use the following guidelines:

  • AACR2 prescribes that the date be incorporated into the title statement for radiograms, telegrams, single letters, etc., and that the date of signing be incorporated into the title statement for commissions, deeds, leases, mortgages, warrants, wills, etc.
245 1 0 [Letter, 1901 March 6 : ǂb Dublin to Henrik Ibsen, Kristiania, Oslo].
245 1 0 Postcard, 1898 March 1, Rome [to] H.G. Wells, Worcester Park, Surrey.
  • However, AACR2 prescribes that titles for items other than those in the preceding paragraph generally would not contain a date or dates. Instead, the date or dates would be treated as a production date and would therefore be entered in field 260 or field 264 subfield ǂc.
245 1 0 Alice's adventures under ground : ǂb a Christmas gift to a dear child in memory of a summer day / ǂc Lewis Carroll (Rev. C.L. Dodgson).
264   1 ǂc 1864.
245 1 0 Records / ǂc American Colonization Society.
264   1 ǂc 1816-1908.
245 1 0 Exil / ǂc St.-J. Perse.
264   1 ǂc 1941.
  • Describing Archives: A Content Standard prescribes recording dates as part of the title statement. No 260 field or 264 field is used.
245 1 0 ǂk Letter, 1901 March 6 : ǂb Dublin to Henrik Ibsen, Kristiania, [Oslo].
245 0 0 ǂk Autograph collection, ǂf 1600-1882.
245 0 0 ǂk Diary, ǂf 1789 January 1-1791 March 17.
245 1 0 Leaves of grass : ǂb holograph manuscript, ǂf 1855.
245 0 0 ǂk Records, ǂf 1939-1973.
245 1 0 Janet Flanner and Solita Solano papers, ǂf 1870-1976 ǂg (bulk 1955-1975).
245 1 0 ǂk Papers, ǂf 1932-1971.
  • Whether you enter the date or dates in field 245 or field 260 or field 264, code the fixed-field elements DtSt and Dates as appropriate.

1st Indicator

Title added entry. A value that specifies whether a title access point is made.


No added entry. No title access point is made. Value 0 is used when field 1xx is not present in the record.

245 0 0 [Man smoking at window].
245 0 3 Le bureau = ǂb La Oficina = Das Büro.

Added entry. A title access point is made. Value 1 is used only when field 1xx is present in the record.

245 1 0 Cancer research : ǂb official organ of the American Association for Cancer Research Inc.
245 1 0 [Nocturne, dance house].
245 1 0 Statistics : ǂb facts or fiction.

2nd Indicator

Nonfiling characters. The number of character positions associated with a definite or indefinite article (e.g., An, Le, or The) at the beginning of a title that are disregarded in sorting and filing processes.


No nonfiling characters. No initial article character positions are disregarded. Use value 0 if the title does not begin with an article.

245 1 0 Harvard project manager.
245 1 0 War of the worlds : ǂb a graphic novel adapted from the classic tale of an alien invasion by H.G. Wells / ǂc written by Stephen Stern ; illustrated by Arne Starr ; lettering and special effects, Dane Cote ; art production, Bill Maus.
245 0 0 A to Z drug facts / ǂc [editor, David S. Tatro ; assistant editor, Lawrence R. Borgsdorf].

Diacritical marks or special characters at the beginning of a title field that does not begin with an initial article are not counted as nonfiling characters.

245 0 0 [Diary].
245 1 0 ... as others see us ... : ǂb for mixed ensemble / ǂc James MacMillan.

Number of nonfiling characters present. A non-zero value indicates that a title begins with a definite or indefinite article that is disregarded in sorting and indexing processes. Any diacritical mark, space, mark of punctuation associated with the article, and any space or mark of punctuation preceding the first filing character is included in the count of nonfiling characters.

Any diacritic or special character associated with the first filing character is not included in the count of nonfiling characters.

245 0 4 The year book of medicine.
245 0 5 [The part of Pennsylvania that lies between the forks of the Susquehannah, divided into townships].
245 1 2 A report to the legislature for the year...
245 1 2 L'enfant criminel / ǂc Pierre Bellemare, Jean-François Nahmias ; avec la collaboration de Jacqueline Hiégel.
245 1 2 L'été / ǂc Nick Winnick.
245 1 3 An A-Z of employment law : ǂb a complete reference source for managers / ǂc Peter Chandler.
245 1 5 The "winter mind" : ǂb William Bronk and American letters / ǂc Burt Kimmelman.
245 1 5 "The eye that never sleeps" : ǂb a history of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency / ǂc Frank Morn.
245 1 8 ... the serpent-snapping eye : ǂb trumpet, percussion, piano, and 4-channel computer-synthesized sound / ǂc Roger Reynolds.
245 1 8 The ... annual report to the Governor.


ǂa Title

The title proper and alternative title, excluding the designation of the number or name of a part. Use also for the first title of separate works (by the same or different authors/composers) in a collection lacking a collective title.

In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield ǂa includes all the information up to and including the first mark of ISBD punctuation, i.e., an equal sign, a colon, a semicolon, or a slash.

245 0 0 Concerto for piano with chamber ensemble, op. 26 (1961) / ǂc Richard Swift.
245 0 0 ETZ : ǂb Elektrotechnische Zeitschrift.
245 0 0 Hamlet ; ǂb Othello ; Macbeth / ǂc Shakespeare ; traductions de Yves Bonnefoy, Armand Robin, et Pierre Jean Jouve.
245 0 0 John Eager Howard.
245 0 0 Oklahoma ; ǂb Carousel ; South Pacific / ǂc [music by] Rodgers & [words by] Hammerstein.
245 0 0 Proceedings : ǂb 65th North Central Avian Disease Conference and Poultry Management Symposium St. Paul RiverCentre, March 17-18, 2014 / ǂc program chair: Mick Fulton ; secretary/treasurer: Tom Bryan/C.C. Wu ; other executive committee members: D. Shaw [and 6 others].
245 1 0 [Seventeen poems].
245 1 0 Map of Amish farmland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
245 1 0 Under the hill, or, The story of Venus and Tannhäuser : ǂb in which is set forth an exact account of the manner of state held by Madam Venus, goddess & meretrix, under the famous Horselberg, and containing the adventures of Tannhäuser in that place, his journeying to Rome, and return to the loving mountain / ǂc by Aubrey Beardsley, now completed by John Glassco.
245 1 3 An interpretation of Zarahemla and the Land Northward as described in the Book of Mormon and overlaid on an earth resource satellite image of present-day lands in Central America.

Treat a set of initials, an initialism, or an acronym in the title proper as a distinct word. Do not enter spaces between the letters or periods within the initials, initialism, or acronym. Enter one space between a set of initials, initialism, or acronym and the preceding and following data. Enter one space between preceding and succeeding initials if an abbreviation consists of more than a single letter.

245 1 0 H.G. Wells and the world state / ǂc W. Warren Wagar.
245 0 0 IAVRI bulletin.
245 1 0 NAL newsletter / ǂc National Aerospace Laboratory.
245 1 4 The most of S.J. Perelman / ǂc foreword by Dorothy Parker ; afterword by Philip Hamburger.
245 1 0 2011 7th Conference on Ph. D. Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PRIME 2011) : ǂb Madonna di Compiglio, Italy / ǂc editors, G.F. Betta, D. Stoppa, L. Pancheri.

Under RDA guidelines, marks of omission appearing on an item are transcribed as found. Do not enter a space following an ellipsis when it is followed by a comma, a period, an exclamation point, or a question mark.

245 1 0 ...and then there were none... : ǂb a long-buried chapter in Apache history / ǂc [by Jess G. Hayes].
[Title page: ...and then there were none...]
245 1 0 It's Little Red Riding Hood ... or is it? / ǂc by Joseph Palmieri.
[Title page: It's Little Red Riding Hood ... or is it?]

If the item lacks a collective title, input the first title in subfield ǂa. Input subsequent titles in field 245 subfield ǂb, as appropriate. Use field 740 for uncontrolled title access to each of the titles in subfield ǂb, as appropriate.

245 0 0 Speedway! ; ǂb Spin-out! ; Crypto-logic!
245 1 0 Four small dances ; ǂb and, Six Hungarian folksongs / ǂc Béla Bartók ; arranged for junior string orchestra by Gábor Darvas.
245 1 0 Goldberg variations : ǂb BWV 988 ; Italian concerto : BWV 971 ; French overture : BWV 831 ; Chromatic fantasy & fugue : BWV 903 ; 6 partitas, BWV 825-830 / ǂc J.S. Bach.
245 1 0 Brave new world ; ǂb and, Brave new world revisited / ǂc Aldous Huxley ; foreword by Christopher Hitchens.
ǂb Remainder of title

The remainder of the title information. The data includes parallel titles, titles subsequent to the first (in terms lacking a collective title), and other title information. Do not repeat subfield ǂb when more than one parallel title, subsequent title, and/or other title information is given in the field.

In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield ǂb contains all the data following the first mark of ISBD punctuation and up to and including the next mark of ISBD punctuation. That next mark of punctuation may be a slash introducing the first statement of responsibility, a period preceding the number of a part/section of a work (subfield ǂn), or a period preceding the name of a part/section of a work (subfield ǂp).

245 0 0 1999 Bracebridge map : ǂb the heart of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada / ǂc compliments of Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce.
245 0 0 Animalsk production = ǂb Tiererzeugung = Animal production.
245 0 0 Colorado heritage : ǂb the journal of the Colorado Historical Society.
245 1 0 Love from Joy : ǂb letters from a farmer's wife. ǂn Part III, ǂp 1987-1995, At the bungalow / ǂc by Joycelyn Hope Hormann ; edited by Monica Strain.
245 1 0 Ceramic forum international : ǂb CFI : Berichte der DKG.
245 0 0 Psycho : ǂb [trailer] / ǂc a Paramount Picture.
[Under RDA, the designation [trailer] may be supplied as other title information for moving image resources when appropriate]
245 1 4 The burden of diseases in resource poor countries : ǂb meeting the challenges of combating HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria : 20th Annual Joint Scientific Conference and silver jubilee anniversary, proceedings : Arusha International Conference Centre, Arusha, Tanzania, March 1-4, 2005.
245 1 0 Private eyeballs : ǂb a golden treasury of bad taste / ǂc selected and edited by Lord Gnome.
245 1 0 Alliance for Zero Extinction : ǂb [world map showing sites of endangered species of animals] / ǂc National Geographic Society.
[Under RDA, a word or brief phrase indicating the geographic area covered and, if applicable, the subject portrayed may be supplied as other title information for cartographic resources, when neither the title proper nor other title information include such indications]
245 1 0 Mermaids in paradise : ǂb a novel / ǂc Lydia Millet.
245 1 0 Riva beside me : ǂb New York City, 1963-1966 / ǂc a novel by Carla Perry.
[Under RDA, nouns or noun phrases occurring with a statement of responsibility are treated as part of the statement of responsibility]
245 1 0 International review of applied psychology : ǂb the journal of the International Association of Applied Psychology = Revue internationale de psychologie appliquée.
ǂc Statement of responsibility, etc.

The first statement of responsibility and/or remaining data in the field that has not been coded in one of the other subfields. Once subfield ǂc has been recorded, no further subfield coding of field 245 is possible.

In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield ǂc contains all the data following the first slash.

245 1 0 Management report. ǂn Part I / ǂc U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command.
245 0 0 Betail et volaille / ǂc Bureau des statistiques de Québec = Livestock and poultry / Quebec Bureau of Statistics.
245 1 4 The plays of Oscar Wilde / ǂc Alan Bird.
245 1 0 He who hunted birds in his father's village : ǂb the dimensions of a Haida myth / ǂc Gary Snyder ; preface by Nathaniel Tarn ; edited by Donald Allen.
245 1 0 How to play chess / ǂc Kevin Wicker ; with a foreword by David Pritchard ; illustrated by Karel Feuerstein.
245 1 0 Island series. ǂp Penrhyn, bathymetry / ǂc compilation by K.B. Lewis, P. Larkin, and T.T. Rongo ; Bathymetric compilation and contouring by K.B. Lewis, T.T. Rongo and A.T. Utanga ; drawn by S.C. Glover.
245 1 0 Project directory / ǂc TDC = Répertoire des projets / CDT.
245 1 4 The analysis of the law / ǂc Sir Matthew Hale. The students companion / Giles Jacob.
245 0 0 Management report. ǂn Part I / ǂc U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command.
245 1 0 Emerging markets and the world patent order / ǂc edited by Frederick M. Abbott (Edward Ball Eminent Scholar Professor of International Law, Florida State University College of Law, USA), Carlos M. Correa (professor and director, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies on Industrial Property and Economics (CEIDIE), Law Faculty, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Peter Drahos (professor, Regulatory Institutions Network, the Australian National University and chair in Intellectual Property, Queen Mary, University of London, UK).
245 0 0 Latino immigrant's guide to starting a business in Arkansas : ǂb a handbook for entrepreneurs / ǂc Christina Abreo [and 4 others].
245 1 0 Snow White and the seven robots : ǂb a graphic novel / ǂc written by Louise Simonson ; illustrated by Jimena Sanchez.
245 1 4 The tragedy of King Christophe : ǂb a play / ǂc Aime Cesaire ; translated and with an introduction by Paul Breslin and Rachel Ney.
245 1 4 The three daughters of Madame Liang / ǂc a novel by Pearl S. Buck.
[Under RDA, nouns or noun phrases occurring with a statement of responsibility are treated as part of the statement of responsibility]
ǂf Inclusive dates

The time period during which the entirety of the contents of the described materials were created. Use for archival materials.

245 0 0 Short-Harrison-Symmes family papers, ǂf 1760-1878 ǂg (bulk 1800-1860).
245 0 0 ǂk Letter, ǂf 1901 March 6, ǂb Dublin, to Henrik Ibsen, Kristiana [Oslo].
ǂg Bulk dates

The time period during which the bulk of the described materials were created. Use for archival materials.

245 0 0 ǂk Records, ǂf 1939-1973 ǂg 1965-1972.
245 1 0 ǂk Employment applications ǂg January-December 1985.
245 1 4 The Graham Greene/Rev. Anthony Bischoff, S.J., collection, ǂf 1950-1984 ǂg (bulk 1974-1984).
ǂh Medium

A medium designator used in the title statement under Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, second edition (AACR2) and some earlier cataloging instructions. Do not use GMDs in bibliographic records. Prefer use of content, media, and carrier terms or codes in fields 336, 337, and 338 instead. OCLC began removal of existing GMDs from bibliographic records in March 2016.

ǂk Form

A term that is descriptive of the form of the described materials. Specific kinds of materials are distinguished by an examination of their physical character, the subject of their intellectual content, or the order of information within them (e.g., daybooks, diaries, directories, journals, or memoranda). Use for archival materials.

245 1 0 Four years at Yale : ǂk diaries, ǂf 1903 September 16-1907 October 5.
245 1 4 The charity ball : ǂb a comedy in four acts : ǂk typescript, ǂf 1889 / ǂc by David Belasco and Henry C. DeMille.
ǂn Number of part/section of a work

The number designation for a part/section of a work used in a title. Numbering is defined as an indication of sequencing in any form (e.g., Book two, Part 1, or Supplement A). Multiple numberings for a part/section are contained in a single subfield ǂn. Separate multiple numberings with a comma. In music titles, the serial, opus, or thematic index numbers are generally not contained in subfield ǂn.

In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield ǂn follows a period unless the last word in the preceding subfield is an abbreviation, initial/letter, or data that ends with final punctuation.

245 0 0 Etudes et documents tchadiens. ǂn Série B
245 0 0 Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l'Académie des sciences. ǂn A, ǂp Sciences mathématiques. ǂn B, ǂp Sciences physiques.
245 1 0 Foundation studies for the violin. ǂn Book 1 : ǂb 60 first position studies (from op. 45, 54, 74) / ǂc Franz Wohlfahrt ; selected and arranged in progressive order by K.H. Aiqouni ; new edition and DVD performance by Rachel Barton Pine.
ǂp Name of part/section of a work

A name designation of a part/section of a work.

In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield ǂp follows a period when it is preceded by subfield ǂa, subfield ǂb, or another subfield ǂp. Subfield ǂp follows a comma when it follows subfield ǂn.

245 0 0 Deutsche Bibliographie. ǂp Wöchentliches Verzeichnis. ǂn Reihe B, ǂp Beilage, Erscheinungen ausserhalb des Verlagsbuchhandels : ǂb Amtsblatt der Deutschen Bibliothek.
245 1 0 Manufacturing industries of Canada. ǂp Geographical distribution = ǂb Industries manufacturières du Canada. ǂp Répartition géographique.
245 0 4 The wedding collection. ǂn Volume 4, ǂp Love will be our home : ǂb 15 songs of love and commitment.

Repeat subfields ǂn and ǂp only when following a subfield ǂa, ǂb, ǂn, or ǂp. If a title recorded in subfield ǂc includes the name and/or number of a part/section, those elements are not separately subfield coded.

245 0 0 Zentralblatt für Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionkrankheiten und Hygiene. ǂn 1. Abteilung. ǂp Originale. ǂn Reihe B, ǂp Hygiene, Krankenhaushygiene, Betriebshygiene, präventive Medizin.
245 0 0 Annual report of the Minister of Supply and Services Canada under the Corporations and Labour Unions Returns Act. ǂn Part II, ǂp Labour unions. ǂp Supplement = ǂb Rapport annuel du ministre des Approvisionnements et services Canada présenté sous l'empire de la Loi sur les déclarations des corporations et des syndicats ouvriers. ǂn Partie II, ǂp Syndicats ouvriers. ǂp Supplément.
245 0 0 Concerto per piano n. 21, K 467 / ǂc W.A. Mozart. L'assedio di Corinto. Ouverture / G. Rossini.
ǂs Version

The name, code, or description of a copy of the described materials that was generated at different times or for different audiences. Use for archival materials.

245 0 0 Navstar GPS user equipment. ǂp Introduction. ǂs February 1991 public release version.
245 1 0 Journeys in two worlds : ǂk journal. ǂs Version 3.0 / ǂc Walter H. Kilham.
ǂ6 Linkage

Data that link fields when non-Latin script is entered. This subfield is system supplied and does not appear in OCLC online displays. Do not add subfield ǂ6. For more information about subfield ǂ6, see Control Subfields.

ǂ8 Field link and sequence number

For information about subfield ǂ8, see Control Subfields.


For indexing and searching information, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, field 245.

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