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050-099  Introduction to Call Numbers

Record Type


Call number fields

This section explains the use of call numbers in the following call number fields:

050 Library of Congress Call Number (R)
055 Classification Numbers Assigned in Canada (R)
060 National Library of Medicine Call Number (R)
070 National Agricultural Library Call Number (R)
080 Universal Decimal Classification Number (R)
086 Government Document Classification Number (R)
090 Locally Assigned LC-type Call Number (R)
092 Locally Assigned Dewey Call Number (R)
096 Locally Assigned NLM-type Call Number (R)
098 Other Classification Schemes (R)
099 Local Free-Text Call Number (R)
Call numbers in label displays

Your authorization is profiled as using either Library of Congress (LC), Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), Government Document (GovDoc), Library and Archives Canada (LAC), National Agricultural Library (NAL), National Library of Medicine (NLM), or Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) call numbers. The system selects a call number for label displays based on the default classification scheme of your authorization number and the following label display priority:

1st 099 099 099 099 099 099 099
2nd 098 098 098 098 098 098 098
3rd 090 092 090 055 070 096 080
4th 050 090
050 090 090 060 090
5th 092
050 092 050 050 090 050
6th           050  
Empty call number fields

The system displays an empty call number field each time you retrieve a record from WorldCat. The default classification scheme associated with your authorization determines which field the system displays.

If your authorization number defaults to LC classification, the system displays field 090. If your authorization number defaults to DDC, the system displays field 092 and so forth.

The system-displayed empty call number field does not limit your selection of call numbers for label displays. For example, if you have an authorization with an LC classification default and you are cataloging an item that requires a non-LC call number, then change the field 090 to the appropriate call number field, e.g., field 099.

Master records

When you input a new record, the following call number fields do not become part of the master record, except as noted:

Field Retention
090 Not retained if the record also has field 050; retained if the record has no field 050 or if field 050 has a word or phrase instead of a call number
092 Not retained if the record also has field 082; retained if the record has no field 082
096 Not retained if record also has field 060; retained if the record has no field 060
098 Not retained
099 Not retained


For indexing and searching information, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, 0xx fields.

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