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098  Other Classification Schemes (R)

Record Type


Input Standards

1st Indicator  OCLC defined
0-9 OCLC defined (See below)
2nd Indicator  OCLC defined
0-9 OCLC defined (See below)
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards
ǂa Call number based on other classification scheme (R) Mandatory/Mandatory
ǂe Feature heading (NR) Optional/Optional
ǂf Filing suffix (NR) Optional/Optional


Call numbers based on standard classification schemes not represented in the other call number fields. Field 098 is not part of the standard MARC 21 Bibliographic format. These schemes are usually available in printed or electronic form but are neither major schemes (e.g., Library of Congress or Dewey) nor local schemes.

Prefer other MARC 21 call number fields such as field 084 or field 086 with the scheme identified in subfield ǂ2.

Field 098 does not remain in the master record. It is retained in exported records and records delivered via other services.

1st and 2nd indicators

00-99 The two indicators are assigned jointly to identify a two-digit code for Other Classification Schemes. In the list below, the first digit is the 1st indicator and the second digit is the 2nd indicator.

00     National Center on Educational Media and Materials for the Handicapped
01     Universal Decimal Classification
02     Lynn-Peterson Classification
03     Richardson Classification (Princeton University)
04     University of California Classification (Law)
05     Los Angeles County Law Library Classification
06     Widener Classification (Harvard University)
07     Texas State Documents Classification
08     Arizona Classification (University of Arizona)
09     Glidden Classification
10     Columbia-Yale Law Classification
11     Cutter Expansive Classification
12     Brigham Young University Foreign Law Classification
13     Michigan Document Classification
14     Alpha-Numeric System for Classification of Recordings (ANSCR)
15     Army Library, K Classification, 2nd ed.
16     Dickinson Decimal Classification of Musical Compositions
17     Missouri State Documents Classification
18     Oregon State Documents Classification
19     Arkansas State Documents Classification
20     New Mexico State Documents Classification
21     Colorado State Classification
22     State Documents of Kansas List of Classes
23     Uren Decimal Classification (Petroleum Industry)
24     Swank Classification for State, County, and Municipal Documents
25     Barnard Classification for Medical and Veterinary Libraries, 2nd ed.
26     Dartmouth College Library Classification
27     Droite Libre-accès (Université de Paris I)
28     Boston Medical Library Medical Classification
29     Kierkegaard Library Call Number Arrangement
30     WyDocs, Wyoming State Documents Classification System
31-99    Reserved. Reserved indicator combinations are available for definition of additional classification schemes. If you want to add a classification scheme to the preceding list, submit a request to OCLC. Include a photocopy of the title page and sample pages from the printed classification scheme. Include a URL for an electronic scheme.


ǂa Call number based on other classification scheme

Enter each line of the call number in a separate subfield ǂa.

098 30   AD ǂa 12.9/6
ǂe Feature heading

A feature heading from a classified catalog. Data in subfield ǂe display in label displays as if they were in subfield ǂa.

ǂf Filing suffix

A filing suffix from a classified catalog. Data in subfield ǂf display in label displays as if they were in subfield ǂa.


For indexing and searching information, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, field 098.

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