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Tech:  Technique


VIS: 008/34; 006/17

Input Standards

VIS: Optional. One-character code. Default: n


VIS, 006 

The technique used to create motion for motion pictures and videorecordings.

Use field 500, 508 or 520 to record the technique in note form. Use field 655 for genre information.


a  Animation. Indicates that the item consists primarily of animation. Animation techniques include: cartoon, graphic film, model film (or object animation), pixilation film, puppet film or puppet animation and silhouette film.
Tech     a
245 Wallace & Gromit ‡h [videorecording].
655   7 Clay animation films. ‡2 lcgft
c  Animation and live action 
Tech     c
245 Narcissus ‡h [motion picture].
520     Through optical imagery shows the beauty of traditional ballet. Live action and animation are used ...
l  Live action. Use also if the technique is not stated explicitly and cannot be determined.
Tech     l
130   Matrix (Motion picture)
245 4 The matrix ‡h [videorecording] ...
508     Director of photography, Bill Pipe ...
n  Not applicable 
u  Unknown. Use also if the subject matter suggests animation techniques may have been used, but you are not sure.
z  Other. Other techniques and for techniques that are neither live action nor animation. The following techniques are neither live action nor animation:
  • Micro-cinematography
  • Silhouette-live action
  • Still film
  • Time-lapse cinematography
  • Trick cinematography

Use also for videorecordings and motion pictures made from still image slide sets or filmstrips without adding animation to the images.

Tech     z
245 Cloud formation ‡h [motion picture].
520     Uses time-lapse photography to show actual cloud formation in the earth's atmosphere.

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