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84x–87x  Holdings Data Embedded in Bibliographic Records

84x-87x fields

841   Holdings Coded Data Values (NR)
843   Reproduction Note (R)
845   Terms Governing Use and Reproduction (R)
853   Captions and Pattern–Basic Bibliographic Unit (R)
854   Captions and Pattern–Supplementary Material (R)
855   Captions and Pattern–Indexes (R)
863   Enumeration and Chronology–Basic Bibliographic Unit (R)
864   Enumeration and Chronology–Supplementary Material (R)
865   Enumeration and Chronology–Indexes (R)
866   Textual Holdings–Basic Bibliographic Unit (R)
867   Textual Holdings–Supplementary Material (R)
868   Textual Holdings–Indexes (R)
876   Item Information–Basic Bibliographic Unit (R)
877   Item Information–Supplementary Material (R)
878   Item Information–Indexes (R)


Holdings data information embedded in the bibliographic record. The 84x–87x fields are holdings fields. Holdings data elements included in the bibliographic record are captions and patterns, enumeration and chronology, textual holdings and item information. The 84x–87x fields are just listed here. For full descriptions of these fields, see MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data ( The holdings format should be consulted for field descriptions and information concerning the inclusion of fields 841–845, 853–855, 863–868 and 876–878.

Note: OCLC is not defining fields 842 (Textual Physical Form Designator) and 844 (Name of Unit) because they cannot be embedded in bibliographic records.


Field 852 does not remain in the master record. It is retained in archive records, institution records, exported records and OCLC-MARC records.

Do not input holdings data in these fields without first consulting your local system administrator. Detailed holdings information can also be entered in local holdings records. Information about local holdings records can be found at


The 84x–87x field block does not print.

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