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695  Added Class Number (R)


Input Standards

1st Indicator  Type of edition
blank character  No edition information recorded
Full edition
1 Abridged edition
2nd Indicator  Classification scheme
4 Bliss
5 British Catalogue of Music
9 Local class scheme
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards 
‡a Added class number (NR) Mandatory/Mandatory
‡b Item number (R) Optional/Optional
‡e Heading (R) Optional/Optional
‡f Filing suffix (R) Optional/Optional
‡2 Edition number (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable


An added class number assigned to materials in classified catalogs. Use a separate 695 field for each added class number.

Note: Field 695 is identical to the former field 699 with the exception that it is not retained in the master record. Added class numbers are no longer input in field 699.

1st Indicator

Type of edition. Whether the classification number is from the full or the abridged edition of the classification schedule. Use subfield ‡2 for the actual edition number.
blank character No edition information recorded. Use if no subfield ‡2.
Full edition. The class number was taken from the full edition.
1 Abridged edition. The class number was taken from the abridged edition.

2nd Indicator

Classification scheme. The classification scheme from which you derive the added class number.
LC. The source of the classification scheme is Library of Congress Classification and LC Classification–Additions and Changes.
1 DDC. The source of the classification scheme is the Dewey Decimal Classification schedules.
2 NLM. The source of the classification scheme is the National Library of Medicine classification system.
3 UDC. The source of the classification scheme is the Universal Decimal Classification schedules.
4 Bliss. The source of the classification scheme is the Bliss Bibliographic Classification system.
5 British Catalogue of Music. The source of the classification scheme is the British Catalogue of Music classification system.
9 Local class scheme. The source of the classification scheme is locally devised.


‡a Added class number   The class number portion.
‡b Item number   The item number.
‡e Heading   The feature heading and caption text.
‡f Filing suffix   The filing suffix.
‡2 Edition number   The edition number.


Field 695 prints as a heading and tracing. Field 695 prints for a holding library based on the library's profile. If field 695 prints in the receiving catalog, fields 650 (Subject Added Entry–Topical Term), 651 (Subject Added Entry–Geographic Name), 690 (Local Subject Added Entry–Topical Term) and 691 (Local Subject Added Entry–Geographic Name) do not print. Again, based on the profile, fields 650, 651, 690 and 691 may print in another receiving catalog in the same holding library.

Subfield ‡2 does not print. Subfields print in the order they are input. Multiple 695 fields print in the order input.

695    1 352.073 ‡e United States. Local government
695    1 353.9 ‡e United States. State Governments
Prints as a heading: 
352.073    United States. Local government
353.9    United States. State governments
Prints as a tracing (with appropriate Arabic numerals): 
1. 352.073      United States. Local government.
2. 353.9      United States. State governments.

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