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653  Index Term–Uncontrolled (R)


Input Standards

1st Indicator  Level of subject
blank character  No information provided
No level specified
1 Primary
2 Secondary
2nd Indicator  Type of term or name
blank character  No information provided.
Topical term
1 Personal name
2 Corporate name
3 Meeting name
4 Chronological term
5 Geographical term
6 Genre/form term
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards 
‡a Uncontrolled term (R) Mandatory/Mandatory


Index terms that are not derived from a controlled thesaurus or subject heading system.

1st Indicator

Level of subject. The level of the subject entry. Use the 1st indicator to distinguish primary and secondary descriptors.
blank character No information provided. No information as to the level of the subject term is provided.
653     Stamp collecting (United States)
No level specified. The level of the subject term could be determined, but is not specified.
1 Primary. A subject covers the main focus or subject content of the material.
653 1   Ice, Sculpture, moulds, etc. ‡a Children's games
2 Secondary. A subject covers a less important aspect of the content of the material.

2nd Indicator

Type of term or name. Distinguishes uncontrolled index terms by type.
blank character No information provided. 
Topical term
240     Here comes everybody ‡l German
245 1 4 Ein Mann in Dublin namens Joyce ‡c Anthony Burgess. [Übers. ins Dt.: Gisela u. Manfred Triesch]
653   Mann
653   5 Dublin
653   1 Joyce
1 Personal name
653   1 Plath
2 Corporate name
653   2 UNICEF
3 Meeting name
4 Chronological term
5 Geographical term
653   5 Hamburg
6 Genre/form term


‡a Uncontrolled term   An index term from an uncontrolled thesaurus or subject heading system. Repeat subfield ‡a when more than one index term at the level designated in the 1st indicator is assigned.
653     Man ‡a Eyes ‡a Diseases


Field 653 does not print.

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