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588  Source of Description (R)

Input Standards

Required if applicable/Required if applicable
1st Indicator  Display constant controller
blank character No information provided
0 Source of description
1 Latest issue consulted
2nd Indicator  Undefined
blank character Undefined
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards
‡a Source of description note (NR) Mandatory/Mandatory
‡5 Institution to which field applies (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable


Information used for tracking and controlling the metadata contained in the record. It includes general and specific source of description notes that are of special interest to other catalogers.

Use for continuing resources and multipart monographs to identify the issue, part, or iteration used as the basis for identification of the resource.

For online resources also include the date on which the resource was viewed for description.

While RDA uses the phrase "Identification of the resource based on" when making a note about the source of information used to catalog the record, use the phrase "Description based on" for continuing resources.

1st Indicator

Display constant controller. Enables the generation of a display constant preceding the note text.

Note: CONSER participants should not use 1st indicator values 0 or 1 in CONSER-authenticated records for integrating resources and serials at this time. The Library of Congress and OCLC will announce the implementation of these values for use in the CONSER database at a future date

blank character

No information provided. Used if display terms are included in subfield ‡a, or are not needed.


Source of description. Used to generate a display constant meaning source of description.


Latest issue consulted. Used to generate a display constant meaning latest issue consulted.

2nd Indicator

Undefined. The 2nd indicator position is undefined and contains a blank ( blank character ).

blank character



‡a Source of description note

Note containing administrative information about the record, such as source of description or latest issue consulted.

588     Description based on: Volume 2, number 2 (February 1984); title from cover.
588     Description based on print version record.
588     Description based on online resource; title from pdf information screen (EBSCO, viewed November 19, 2013).
588     Description based on: 2012 edition; title from title screen (viewed January 13, 2014).
588     Identification of the resource based on: part 2, published 1998.
588     Latest issue consulted: 2001.
588     Latest issue consulted: Volume 4, number 4 (October 1959).
588     Latest issue consulted: 2014 (viewed January 13, 2014).
‡5 Institution to which field applies

MARC code of the institution or organization that holds the copy to which the data in the field applies. Data in the field may not apply to the universal description of the item or may apply universally to the item but be of interest only to the location cited. See Organization Code Sources (

588     Cannot determine the relationship to Bowling illustrated, also published in New York, 1952-1958. ‡5 DLC
588     Publication to be resumed by F&W Publications, Inc. in October 2009. ‡5 EZB


Field 588 prints as a note. Subfield ‡5 does not print. See "5xx Introduction" for more information.

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