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257  Country of Producing Entity  (R)

Input Standards

1st Indicator  Undefined
blank character Undefined
2nd Indicator  Undefined
blank character Undefined
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards
‡a Country of producing entity (R) Mandatory/Mandatory
‡2 Source (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable


The names (or abbreviations) of the countries where the principal offices of the producers of a moving-image item are located.

Information in field 257 should correspond to information in the statement of responsibility (field 245 subfield ‡c). If no statement of responsibility is available, use the best information available.

MARC 21 records cataloged according to Archival Moving Image Materials have the full form of the name of the countries in field 257.

1st Indicator

Undefined. The 1st indicator position is undefined and contains a blank ( blank character ).

blank character


2nd Indicator

Undefined. The 2nd indicator position is undefined and contains a blank ( blank character ).

blank character



‡a Country of producing entity

The name or abbreviation of the name of the country(s) where the principal offices of the producing entity(s) are located. The subfield may contain an indication that the country is unknown, e.g., Place of publication not identified.

257     United States.
257     Spain ; Italy ; Austria.
257     [Place of publication not identified].
257     France ‡a Germany ‡a Italy ‡2 naf
257     United States ‡2 naf
257     Italy ‡2 naf
257     Italy ; France.
500     Avers Film has separate offices in Italy and France.
‡2 Source

MARC code that identifies the source of the term in subfield ‡a. See Subject Heading and Term Source Codes (


For indexing and searching information, see Searching WorldCat Indexes, field 257.


Field 257 prints in the title paragraph following the title (field 245) or edition statement (field 250). The print program supplies a space-dash-space ( -- ) between field 257 and the fields that precede and follow it. Subfield ‡2 does not print. For more information, see OCLC Catalog Cards:

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