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015  National Bibliography Number (R)


Input Standards

1st Indicator  Undefined
blank character Undefined
2nd Indicator  Undefined
blank character Undefined
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards 
‡a National bibliography number (R) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
‡z Canceled/invalid national bibliography number (R) Required if applicable/Required if applicable
‡2 Source (NR) Required if applicable/Required if applicable


The number assigned to the catalog entry in a non-U.S. national bibliography. A work may have more than one number from a single national bibliography or may have numbers from more than one national bibliography. Multiple numbers are recorded in repeating 015 fields.

If LC derives its cataloging data from a foreign national bibliography, the LC copy includes the national bibliography number. Each number has one-to-four letters designating the country, a space, and the remainder of the number (or three asterisks).

If the number is a Library and Archives Canada bibliographic record control number (Canadian serial numbers), use field 016.

Use if you are transcribing LC copy with national bibliography numbers for British Library cataloging or if you are transcribing British Library copy or Library and Archives Canada copy.



Use the following guidelines:

  • Do not enter spaces between alphabetic and numeric portions of the number.

    On LC copy Enter
    F 70-11006 015 F70-11006

  • Do not enter parentheses enclosing the number.

    On LC copy Enter
    (B 67-25185) 015    B67-25185
    (Sw 66-A-2196) 015    Sw66-A-2196

  • Enter volume or binding qualifiers so that the number appears first and the qualifying data follow and are enclosed in parentheses.

    On LC copy Enter
    (v. 1: F 67-835; v. 2: F67-9455) 015    F67-835 (v. 1)
    015    F67-9455 (v. 2)

  • Do not enter semicolons that separate two numbers. Enter each number in a separate 015 field.

    On LC copy Enter
    (B67-20987; B67-20988 pbk.) 015    B67-20987
    015    B67-20988 (pbk.)

  • If the number is a PL 480 or LACAP number, use field 025.

  • If the number is for materials acquired in Africa, which have accession numbers similar in form to national bibliography numbers, use field 025.

1st Indicator

Undefined. The 1st indicator position is undefined and contains a blank ( blank character ).
blank character Undefined 

2nd Indicator

Undefined. The 2nd indicator position is undefined and contains a blank ( blank character ).
blank character Undefined 


‡a National bibliography number   Enter letters, numerals, hyphens, and asterisks. Use a separate subfield ‡a for each national bibliography number. Enter numbers separated by two hyphens in the same subfield.
015     GB***
015     GFR73-A24
015     GB85-19290
‡z Canceled/invalid national bibliography number   Canceled or invalid (structurally or application) national bibliography number.
015     06,A29,1122 ‡z 05,N51,1204 ‡2 dnb
015     06,A29,0382 ‡z 05,A21,0597 ‡z 04,N48,0463 ‡2 dnb
‡2 Source   The source of the national bibliography number in subfield ‡a. See National Bibliography Number Source Codes (http://www.loc.gov/standards/sourcelist/national-bibliography.html).
015     84-3117 ‡2 bnf
[Code "bnf" is for Bibliographie nationale française]
015     67-A14-54 ‡2 dnb
[Code "dnb" is for Deutsche Nationalbibliographie]


Field 015 does not print.

Last revised: October 14, 2013