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Projects and pilots

Trials, tests and works in progress

Whether it's an enhancement to an existing service or an entirely new way of dealing with library information, at OCLC we're always working to transform our industry research and analysis into usable products. Check here from time-to-time for an inside look at what we're currently working on.

Many of the products "under construction" have one or more hands-on trials or applications. Spend some time experimenting, and leave us comments.

Projects in "the works" are not complete and may not be fully functional or tested. Also, there's never a guarantee that they'll become finished, available products, but we do want you to sample what's cooking in the kitchen. Once a product moves out of "the works," you can look at the History page to find information about its past.

You may also want to visit, where experimental projects are shared with the community during their development and testing stages.

New tools or products

Pilot to test use of IFM for purchase of CCC Get It Now content

OCLC, the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) and Atlas Systems are piloting the use of OCLC’s Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM) for payment of fees related to documents purchased through the CCC’s Get It Now service. This new payment option is enabled by a new IFM API that can be used to deliver IFM functionality from within OCLC partner applications. Use of IFM for the purchase of documents from Get It Now will simplify library workflow for fee payment by consolidating those payments in a single place. This option will eliminate the need to issue separate payments to the CCC for Get It Now purchases.

Many libraries already increase workflow efficiency and save time and money from within OCLC interlibrary loan services by using IFM to manage payment of fees related to interlibrary loan. The new option in pilot extends the convenience of IFM to purchases through the CCC’s Get It Now service. In addition, with this option, libraries pay just one consolidated monthly payment through OCLC, rather than managing payment for individual document purchases. Statistical reports of payments made through IFM support library budget tracking and inform management decisions.

Volunteers from several ILLiad libraries will participate in the pilot project, scheduled to begin in June 2013. Pilot participants will test functionality to determine whether it will meet the needs of the broader community of OCLC resource sharing users. Pilot participants include:

  • Robin Crumrin, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Brittany Johnson, Murray State University
  • Cyril Oberlander, State University of New York at Geneseo
  • Locan Rath, The College at Brockport
  • Mark Sullivan, IDS Project

Following a successful pilot, OCLC, CCC and Atlas hope to release the new payment option initially to ILLiad libraries.  

OCLC hopes to expand use of this payment option to additional content partners in the future. If you would like to suggest partner participants that would be of interest to your library, please send those suggestions to Tony Melvyn at OCLC ( ).

OCLC Library Spotlight Program

The OCLC Library Spotlight program gives any library, regardless of size, the chance to be found in more places online. This free directory service utilizes existing location and contact data to get started. Libraries can then update this information and add to their online profile with more details about their programs, hours-of-operation, web links, pictures and more. OCLC then syndicates this information through the “search for a library” service on, and with other major online partners including Yelp.

Shared Print Management (May 2012)

Between January 2010 and March 2012, a pilot project was formed to develop recommendations for how libraries could use WorldCat to register content contributed to shared print archives. The committee consisted of representatives within and outside of OCLC, and additional experts were consulted, to ensure that the metadata guidelines and implementation procedures were consistent with community norms. Pilot participants contributed to the development of metadata guidelines, refined a procedure for registering print archive collections in WorldCat, tested record creation and contribution mechanisms, and evaluated the impact of print archive registration on current interlending practices.