Simplify the complexities of resource sharing. 

Manage your technology without IT support

Because Tipasa is cloud-based, you receive software updates and enhancements automatically. You and your staff can access the system through any computer with an internet connection without installing local clients. And you don’t need to rely on your IT department to manage servers or upgrade software.

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American University of Sharjah

Streamline resource sharing for improved service

See how American University of Sharjah made interlibrary loan requests easier for both staff members and library users.

Librarian fulfills resource sharing requests from home

Keep services going through any crisis

Learn how libraries all over the world kept their resource sharing services going during their COVID-19 closures.

"We love Tipasa’s clean and clear interface, the ease of updating information in the OCLC Service Configuration – I really like working in that environment.  And we love the way the patron interface operates too, we feel it’s very clear and very connected to our discovery interface."

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Emily Tichenor
Northeast Campus Library Director, Tulsa Community College, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Simplify your interlibrary loan processes

Tipasa's straightforward interface makes it easy to train new staff and student workers. They can access it from any computer with an internet connection. Also, the interface adapts to the ILL workflows that work best for your library, which simplifies the management and fulfilment of requests from your users and from other libraries.

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"Tipasa allowed us to integrate the system fully with the rest of our library services so now it’s single log in for our system and ILL, and our borrowing requests have increased about 75% since we went live."

Adam Green
Head of Access Services
John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio, United States

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Automate request processing

Tipasa allows you to automate fulfillment for specific requests based on the rules you set. For example, if a faculty member requests an article that’s not available in your library, the request can go unmediated to one of your preferred lenders. That lender can deliver the document directly to your faculty member without the need for you to ever touch the request.

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Connect with your library management system and other ILL systems

Tipasa integrates with library management and ILL systems you use on a daily basis.

  • If your library uses WorldShare Management Services (WMS), you can automatically connect ILL workflows with your local catalog, circulation and acquisitions, which will benefit your whole library. For example, your users can always see what they have on hold and when their ILL items are due. And this circulation integration allows Tipasa to automatically check an item out when you set its status to Shipped and check it back in when the request is complete. Learn more about WMS integration.
  • If your library uses Alma, you can connect ILL to your local catalog as well as your circulation system through NCIP. Hear from libraries using this integration.
  • If your library uses Sierra and has a Z39.50 server, you can connect ILL to your local catalog to easily see when your library holds an item and its availability. Learn more about Sierra integration
  • If your library uses RapidILL, you can optimize your workflows with Tipasa. Learn more about RapidILL integration.
  • If you use other ILL systems, such as Get It Now and Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy, you can track and manage all requests in the same interface.

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Tipasa, the world’s first cloud-based interlibrary loan management system, allows you to manage a high volume of interlibrary loan requests, automate routine borrowing and lending functions, and provide an enhanced patron experience. You can meet users’ needs without heavy IT support, server management or extensive configuration and training.

Service availability

  • Available in Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and the Americas

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Resource sharing revolutionized
Learn more about OCLC’s plans for resource sharing

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Download the Tipasa brochure
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