Simplify the complexities of resource sharing.

Manage your technology without IT support

Because Tipasa is cloud-based, you receive software updates and enhancements automatically. You and your staff can access the system through any computer with an internet connection without installing additional clients. And you don’t need to rely on your IT department to manage servers and install or upgrade software.

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University of Saint Francis member story

Share resources with fewer clicks

Discover how the University of Saint Francis simplified interlibrary loan for staff, student workers, and library users.


Simplify resource sharing by using the cloud

See how Ohio Wesleyan University improved services by shifting interlibrary loan processes to the cloud.

"With the new ILL system, it all just flows. It's all in one window. It's all connected. I really appreciate that. Especially as someone who's beginning training and entering the field for the first time, it's just very intuitive. I know where to go for the next thing."

Sarah Lucas
User Experience Specialist, Ohio Wesleyan University

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Meet your users where they are

Tipasa allows users to place and monitor requests from anywhere, any time, on any device, without librarian assistance. They can receive customized email and text notifications, and they can access documents as soon as they become available.

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Simplify your interlibrary loan processes

Tipasa's straightforward interface makes it easy to train new staff and student workers. The interface adapts to the ILL workflows that work best for your library, which simplifies your process for managing and fulfilling requests both from your users and from other libraries.

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"Having a cloud-based system is really beneficial. I do a lot of different jobs in the library, so to be able to have the flexibility … is something I've been waiting for."

Jillian Maruskin
Public Services Librarian & Interlibrary Loan Manager
Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio, United States

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Let the system do the work for you

Tipasa allows you to automate fulfillment for specific requests based on the rules you set. If a faculty member requests an article that’s not available in your library, the request can go unmediated to one of your preferred lenders. That lender can deliver the document directly to your faculty member without the need for you to ever touch the request.

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Tipasa is available today to US libraries who want a cloud-based ILL management system. We will continue to meet with the OCLC ILL advisory group, work with libraries, and conduct research to determine the complex needs of various library types currently using ILLiad. With this deeper understanding, we will continue to develop Tipasa to meet the needs of current ILLiad users. All ILLiad users will eventually migrate to Tipasa, but this migration will take multiple years and will involve regular two-way communication between OCLC and each migrating library. To learn more, sign up for updates, register for a product insight webinar, or get involved, review the Tipasa Resources page.

Tipasa, the world’s first cloud-based interlibrary loan management system, allows you to manage a high volume of interlibrary loan requests, automate routine borrowing and lending functions, and provide an enhanced patron experience. You can meet users’ needs without heavy IT support, server management or extensive configuration and training.

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