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Tipasa® is a cloud-based interlibrary loan (ILL) management system that simplifies resource sharing complexities with an easy-to-use interface for ILL staff and a straightforward experience for library users.

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Gain access to a vast, powerful network of libraries

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Tipasa connects your library to the collections of 10,000+ libraries in 50+ countries through OCLC’s resource sharing network. This exponentially expands access to materials not available in your library’s or group’s collections. Tipasa builds on WorldShare® ILL with enhanced functionality, like copyright management, automation tools, and system integrations—ideal for libraries managing a high-volume of ILL.

Simplify ILL for library users with an intuitive interface

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The My Account user interface, available in 18 languages, allows library users to easily and quickly submit ILL requests and track them in real time. Plus, email or text notifications let them know the moment their requests have been fulfilled. And with digital delivery options, library users can receive electronic copies of requested materials instantly.

Increase efficiency with system integrations

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Tipasa integrates with your local system, including your catalog and circulation, along with other ILL services and document suppliers. Integrating Tipasa with your library’s circulation eliminates the need to manually create temporary items. Items are automatically checked in and out.

Eliminate need for IT support and empower ILL staff

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Tipasa eliminates heavy IT support, server management, and extensive configuration. As a cloud-based system, you receive software updates and enhancements automatically, so there are no servers to manage or software to update. Also, all configuration is point and click.

“Tipasa has made my day easier, knowing that I can fulfill requests from anywhere I need to be. Other staff now ask to work on ILL because it’s fun to work in Tipasa.”

Pamela King
Support and Collection Services Specialist, The Citadel

Photo: Pam King
Icon: Decreased turnaround time and increased fill rates

Improve turnaround time and increase fill rates by 30% using smart fulfillment capabilities and automated processes.

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“Tipasa has improved workflow among library staff, allowing us to include more staff members in the interlibrary loan process. The use of customizable tagging and staff notes has improved communication. This is our first interlibrary loan management system, and our patrons are happy with the new ability to manage their requests.”

Sheryl Walters
Reference and e-Resources Librarian
Logan University (Missouri)

Advanced resource sharing features that are easy to use

Automation to save staff time and accelerate delivery

Powerful automated borrowing and lending workflows reduce staff mediation and significantly improve turnaround times. Automations are composed of match criteria you define along with actions you want the system to perform on matched requests—giving you full control.

Secure, automated electronic document delivery

Article Exchange lets library users access documents as soon as they’re available. Seamless integrations with external services, such as Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy platform and Scannx and BSCAN scanners, automate request processing and delivery.

Integrated copyright management

Copyright features include the ability to add a copyright acceptance to your ILL request forms. For US libraries, a direct link to the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Permissions Gateway offers easy access to up-to-date royalty fee pricing to help with copyright compliance.

Custom reports and data visualizations

WorldShare Report Designer is included with Tipasa. This powerful tool creates custom reports, charts, and data visualizations. It also helps to gain deeper insights, identify trends, and assist others in comprehending complex information.

Branch management for dispersed collections or patrons

If you have multiple public branches or several campus libraries, fulfill lending requests efficiently with automated location tagging and assignment of return address. Email notifications and lists of requests by branch let you set up a workflow that meets your library system’s needs.

Efficient support for book clubs

Create multiple requests for a single item through one request screen. This simplifies the process of ordering and managing books for your library’s book clubs.

“We save so much time by leveraging our custom holdings paths and allowing the automation to review which libraries hold items.”

Ashley Cole
Associate Director of Collection Strategies
Eastern Kentucky University Libraries

Learn how Eastern Kentucky uses resource sharing automation

Photo: Ashley Cole

Latest standards and secure integration

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Tipasa is built with the latest standards (such as NCIP, Z39.50, OpenURL, and ISO 18626) and is FedRAMP-compliant. To streamline workflows, it integrates with your local system, including your catalog and circulation, along with other ILL services and document suppliers. It’s developed on the cloud-based WorldShare platform with the latest accessibility and security standards, including alignment to ISO 27001 and the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Visit our Trust Center to learn how OCLC keeps your data safe.

Join an active community of users

Photo: Community of resource sharing professionals

As a Tipasa customer, you’ll become part of an active global community of ILL professionals who come together to exchange insights and best practices.

Upgrade your resource sharing with Tipasa

  • 10,000+ libraries in the global network
  • Share with libraries in 50+ countries
  • Responsive, library-branded patron interface available in 18 languages
  • Deliver copy requests in ten hours on average with the Express program
  • Developed on NCIP, Z39.50, OpenURL, and ISO 18626
  • Great for libraries with multiple branches
  • 4-5 week average implementation timeline

Resource sharing is a passion for us. And we offer various ILL solutions such as WorldShare ILL, a cloud-based service that automates borrowing and lending processes through OCLC’s resource sharing network of 10,000+ libraries, and OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups, a modern consortial borrowing solution that expedites delivery for library users.

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