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Simplify your electronic and print workflows to increase collection visibility.

Your users rely on your catalog to find and access your resources, so it’s important to keep your cataloging records as accurate and up to date as possible. Keeping up with commonly held materials and frequently changing collections can take a lot of staff time that could better be spent highlighting the special collections that make your library unique. WorldShare Collection Manager streamlines your electronic and print workflows, which saves you time and improves your catalog so all of your resources are easier for your users, other libraries and people around the world to find, request and access.

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Automate electronic and print collection workflows in one place

When you maintain separate workflows for new electronic and print items, especially from different providers, it can take a long time to catalog new materials and get them into the hands of your users. Even after your electronic resources are available, you can spend a lot of staff time managing and maintaining access to them. And if your catalog isn’t maintained, you don’t have a good way to assess your holdings. WorldShare Collection Manager gives you:

  • automated WorldCat® registration of your newly purchased or demand-driven acquisition (DDA) titles,
  • customized MARC record delivery for titles enriched by the expert library community,
  • support for partner-provided shelf-ready services, and
  • ability to query WorldCat to output sets of MARC records based on your unique criteria.

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Improve the quality of your catalog

When your holdings are out of date or when records in your catalog are brief or incorrect, your users can’t find the resources they need. WorldShare Collection Manager’s foundation is WorldCat’s cooperatively enhanced records. This enables you to automatically maintain your holdings and update your records as they are improved or changed by the expert community. Soon, you’ll be able to maintain your local bibliographic data and local holdings records as well as match your brief records to current WorldCat records on a schedule you set.

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Highlight and share your unique collections

Some of your library’s most valuable assets are your unique special collections and archives. When these resources are only discoverable in your library, only the most dedicated researchers will find them. WorldShare Collection Manager allows you to easily showcase your unique collections to people all over the world.

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Improve access to e-resources with time-saving automated processes

Learn how New York University Libraries improved cataloging processes for massive and ever-changing e-collections.

"I used to have to check individual vendor sites and compare that information to our online catalog for correct URLs, titles and holdings. But now WorldShare Collection Manager delivers the records I need, which is much faster."

Joe EscribanoJoe Escribano
Applications Specialist, Sladen Library, Henry Ford Hospital

WorldShare Collection Manager is a cataloging tool that helps you streamline and automate the management of records for your electronic and print collections in one place to help you save staff time while improving collection discovery and access.

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