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Save time, work more effectively and provide better access to everything your library offers.

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Integrated library workflows

WorldShare provides a complete set of library management applications and platform services built on a flexible, cloud-based platform. WorldShare offers integrated management of library workflows and creates new efficiencies as libraries share work, data and resources to save money and deliver value to their users.

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A single, cloud-based platform

Services and applications are built on the OCLC WorldShare Platform, a global, interconnected web architecture that provides flexible, open access to WorldCat data. A consistent set of business- and data-level web services lets libraries, developers and partners build and share applications that streamline and enhance library workflows.

Just as WorldCat provides a centralized resource for library data, WorldShare provides a centralized library services platform for managing activities, service delivery and workflows. OCLC is moving all library management tasks onto this single platform where data and activities can be efficiently reused in as many situations as possible, reducing effort and saving time for library staff.

In addition to OCLC-built services, partners and developers also build applications using WorldShare and WorldCat data services, APIs and other programming tools.

WorldShare services include:

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WorldShare Management Services is a cloud-based library services platform. As an integrated suite of library management and discovery applications, it offers librarians a comprehensive and cost-effective way to manage workflows efficiently, and improve access to collections and services.

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan: Integrated discovery and delivery of electronic, digital and print materials within a single interface.

WorldShare Acquisitions: Unified selection and acquisition management for all physical and electronic resources.

WorldShare Circulation: A complete circulation application that's easy to learn and works on any laptop, tablet or device with a web browser.

WorldShare Collection Evaluation: Quick, efficient access to information about current collections in relation to other individual, peer group and benchmark library groups.

WorldShare Collection Manager: Simplify your electronic and print workflows to increase collection visibility.

WorldShare License Manager: A central system for storing, sharing and managing information about licensed materials.

WorldShare Record Manager: Record-at-a-time cataloging for physical and electronic resources.

The WorldShare Platform

Empower your developers with the same data and web services that OCLC uses to create its own applications.

Industry-leading tools and data at your fingertips

The WorldShare Platform is an flexible, cloud-based infrastructure that supports integration of applications from OCLC and other library service providers. It provides access to library data and functionality for use with new and existing applications to increase the visibility and use of library collections and services.

Built by developers, for developers

The WorldShare Platform provides a consistent and usable experience for developers seeking to access the data and functionality available in OCLC's data sets, APIs and web services. It relies upon a set of guiding architectural principles that create consistency among our web services.

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The APIs, web services and data sets available from OCLC fall into a few general categories:

If you work with libraries, we want to work with you

For more than 40 years, OCLC has been a trusted steward of high-quality cataloging data and other information assets that support libraries' missions. In a 21st century cloud-computing environment, we are opening access to data entities in WorldCat and other OCLC systems that have been historically mediated through a limited number of OCLC and partner interfaces.

The WorldShare Platform is "vendor-neutral" because, as a non-profit, OCLC works towards the best interest of the library community. We work to support whatever technology choices make the most sense for our library members.

Connect, discuss, experiment and share

The OCLC Developer Network supports the use of the WorldShare Platform by facilitating dialogue, collaboration and sponsoring events such as mashathons/hackathons and workshops. Developer Network staff works right alongside the WorldShare Platform development team, which supports the infrastructure of the Platform, creates guidelines for consistency across services, and develops tools that improve the use of the WorldShare Platform.

The Developer Network team also works with individual product teams to identify requirements and use cases for new web services, provide feedback from the community on current web services, and to facilitate the documentation and announcement of each service and new release. If you have questions or suggestions about the Developer Network, please let us know at devnet@oclc.org.

Who can use the OCLC WorldShare Platform?

Access to the WorldShare App Gallery is open to everyone. Developers at libraries with active subscriptions to one or more OCLC products can access any of the Web Services available through the WorldShare Platform in a test environment. To move an app into production, a library must secure a license for the service—typically a subscription to the relevant product.

If you have developers at your institution—related to the library or not—enlist their participation in this community through the OCLC Developer Network.