Resource sharing revolutionized

A commitment to speed and innovation

No single library can hold every item its users may need, so libraries rely on the OCLC resource sharing network to lend and borrow resources locally, in groups, and around the world. We make it easier for libraries to support one another and their users, no matter what resource is requested.

Building on experience, planning for the future

Building on more than 40 years of leadership in resource sharing and the world’s largest resource sharing network, we are investing in our services to better meet our members’ needs. We are bringing together the best talent, the best technology, and the best of the community to provide even greater opportunities for libraries worldwide to collaborate and share.

OCLC offers several resource sharing solutions:

  • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan provides core ILL capabilities for thousands of libraries
  • Tipasa is an ILL management system with an exceptional experience for the library user (available in the Americas, Australia/New Zealand, and parts of Europe, Middle East and Africa)
  • D2D is a best-in-class consortial borrowing solution (only available in Canada and the United States)

Our approach: Creating impactful end-user experiences

Today's library users expect immediate access to information, personalized to their specific needs, and delivered exactly in the way they prefer. Inspired by extensive user research and realized through our wide range of products and services, “Library on-demand” represents a vision for OCLC and for libraries to adapt and thrive.

And new smart fulfillment functionality across all OCLC resource sharing services empowers libraries to successfully meet library users expectations, while saving time and money. Each of OCLC’s resource sharing services provides the delivery experience people now expect with accurate and immediate resource availability.

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

Automate interlibrary loan staff workflows and help your library users quickly get the resources they need.

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan is a modern, cloud-based service that automates your interlibrary borrowing and lending processes through the largest resource-sharing network in the world. It saves your staff time and ensures timely delivery of items to the people who need them.

Robyn Clark-Bridges photo

“Helping out other libraries...”

“The time WorldShare ILL saves me translates into helping out other libraries. I find joy in filling a request after multiple libraries before me passed due to an incorrect or incomplete citation.”

Robyn Clark-Bridges
Evening Supervisor and Interlibrary Loan Associate
Mount Mercy University
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States

Kore University of Enna exterior view

Gain greater visibility and share research internationally

Learn how Università degli Studi di Enna Kore made more resources available to their users, while also increasing their global reach.

Photo: Woman at her laptop

Maximize delivery speed of your resource sharing service

Find out how smart fulfillment functionality across all OCLC resource sharing services empowers libraries to meet user expectations.


Tailor resource sharing processes and integrate with other library technology to provide excellent customer service and anywhere access to patron-requested materials.

Tipasa, the world’s first cloud-based interlibrary loan management system, enables you to manage a high volume of interlibrary loan requests, automate routine borrowing and lending functions, and provide an enhanced patron experience. You can meet your library users’ needs without heavy IT support, server management, or extensive configuration and training.

Get involved

Here at OCLC, we're committed to collaborating with libraries to continue developing Tipasa features and functionality. We'd like to work with you to learn more about the needs of your library staff and patrons. Opportunities for getting involved include usability testing, general workshops, discussions, and more.

Emily Tichenor photo

“More intuitive...”

“The whole thing is more intuitive than what we were using before. I love how easy it is to see everything in the queues… We knew this would be an improvement for our patrons and our workflow, and it has been.  We’ve been glad to be there from the start as an early adopter.”

Emily Tichenor, MLIS
Northeast Campus Library Director
Tulsa Community College
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Noel Reading Porch, EKU Crabbe Library

Achieve incredibly fast borrowing turnaround times

Get the details on how Eastern Kentucky University saved an astonishing amount of time by customizing Tipasa resource sharing options to match local needs.

Photo: Woman at her laptop

Maximize delivery speed of your resource sharing service

Find out how smart fulfillment functionality across all OCLC resource sharing services empowers libraries to meet user expectations.


Optimize discoverability and turnaround time by automating consortial borrowing processes.

D2D (Discovery to Delivery) is a market-leading consortial borrowing solution that provides key features guaranteeing the best experience for library users, such as requestability logic that dramatically improves ILL fill rates and integration with other library systems.

It optimizes users’ ability to discover library resources within your consortium and get immediate access to or request delivery of the material with little or no intervention from library staff. It also provides the tools staff need to request and track material that cannot be filled within the consortium.