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New WorldCat.org coming soon

WorldCat.org is being completely redesigned. The new site will launch to all users later this year with upgraded technology, a new user experience, and more ways to engage.

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Open your library to the world

Searching online is the first choice for most information seekers. WorldCat.org is central to our web visibility program that gives libraries the opportunity to be visible where the search for information begins. Whether it’s local history, important e-resources, or an area of specialized expertise, WorldCat.org connects people to the collections that make your library unique and helps people find items in libraries close to them. So your reliable, verified information, and personal assistance—the hallmarks of the library experience—gain greater exposure, credibility, and use among people in your community and around the world.

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Transform more lives, one search at a time

WorldCat.org is grounded in real people and their stories. The experience of each individual may start with a search, but it can lead to a life-changing discovery, a new passion, or a shift in career. WorldCat.org increases the chances of the library being part of that journey. Once users have done a search on WorldCat.org, they scroll down for a list of libraries nearby that own the item. Your library's listing shows its distance from the user's location and links to a Google Map. Your listing also displays locally relevant information, such as locations, and phone numbers, and connects users to your library’s website for additional information.

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Extend reach and influence of your collections

With more than 70 million visits annually, WorldCat.org connects your library to people who may never otherwise visit in person or online. It expands the communities you serve while personalizing and localizing the experience for the people you care about most. Information about your library's holdings is actively spread across the web via strategic partnerships with key sites like Google Scholar, Wikipedia, and Goodreads. The result? Your local resources gain a global presence and become discoverable through people's daily information searching behavior.

Deliver greater access to information

WorldCat.org represents the world’s largest library community on the web with access to billions of items from a global network of thousands of libraries. WorldCat.org supports the broadening definition of community—it’s no longer just the people who come into a physical location. It also advances the collective mission of libraries to provide equal and equitable access to information.

Ensure people can access your collections

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WorldCat.org makes your library’s resources visible to information seekers on a freely available website and from search engines and websites where most people begin their research. This broad visibility promotes libraries as a vital information source and allows anyone to quickly and easily access resources in libraries near or far.