Libraries are stronger together

What you do with OCLC makes all libraries stronger

OCLC is guided by representatives from member institutions that use our products and services. We work together to share data, improve information services, do original research, and better connect libraries to the communities they serve. But we also engage directly with thousands of individuals, some who work at these institutions, some who do not, to create programs, research, solutions, and training that benefit all libraries.

Membership for institutions

Unlike for-profit or privately owned companies, we operate only for the benefit of libraries, guided by our membership. If you work at a member institution, you can take advantage of many benefits related to the OCLC services to which your employer subscribes.

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Benefits for individuals

If you work at any library, museum, archive, or other memory institution—or are studying to do so—let’s connect. We want your ideas, energy, and perspective. We can help you learn new skills, stay on top of trends, network with people around the world, and contribute to the future of libraries.

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Membership in action

Libraries bring unique strengths and collective muscle to help inform change both locally and globally. Through OCLC’s Global and Regional Councils, member concerns and voices are united to make an impact on important issues.

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Redefining the library experience

Whether on a university campus, at a local school, or in a metropolitan neighborhood, libraries are continually evolving how they engage with their users to make the most impact within their communities. Global Council and OCLC Research will bring together library leaders from around the world to explore this topic.

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