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Membership in OCLC provides your users—and library users around the globe—access to information and resources created by and for members. Members elect 48 delegates to the OCLC Global Council to work within and across geographic regions to reflect their views of members and expedite the flow of information between members and the cooperative.

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Membership in OCLC gives libraries the means to access, coordinate, and deliver the global resources your users need to succeed.

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A key benefit of membership is the opportunity to elect delegates that reflect the local and regional views on issues facing libraries today. Member libraries have a voice through their elected representatives on the Global and Regional Councils.    

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OCLC members help shape the future of the cooperative

From shared data and resource sharing to knowledge bases, research reports and advocacy initiatives, members guide all aspects of the cooperative's offerings. Members' voices are amplified through user groups and advisory councils, as well as through elected Regional and Global Council delegates. 

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03 March 2020

OCLC Library Futures Conference – Vienna, Austria

Join fellow library leaders and members of the OCLC Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Council (EMEARC) to discuss and discover how we can build not only future-forward libraries but also future-ready communities.