Connect to the global knowledge network

National and regional libraries act as the stewards of knowledge in their communities. From sharing cultural heritage and ground-breaking research to managing authority files and metadata standards, your institutions enable regional breakthroughs. Syndeo allows you to maintain the local practices that have served you so well while expanding your reach to the rest of the world. With Syndeo, you can share your regionally and nationally collected knowledge to make global breakthroughs possible.

Support local policies on a global scale

Improve your library's efficiency and support in-region workflows. Syndeo allows you to align with global library efforts while simultaneously maintaining the workflows that facilitate library cooperation for your region—including authority file management—and copy cataloging from more than 548 million WorldCat records.



Share what your region has to offer

For more than 50 years, OCLC has connected libraries to one another and to people around the world. WorldCat®, the most comprehensive network of information about library collections, opens regional history and culture to a global audience. When your collections are registered in WorldCat, you gain greater visibility to a worldwide audience. WorldCat also integrates into your cataloging, interlibrary loan, discovery, and collection management tools to simplify many of your regular workflows. When you aggregate your library’s metadata in this global network, you gain a new community of life-long learners.

Evolve your infrastructure while reducing its cost

Update the regional systems you use to manage your collections and reduce ongoing maintenance costs by moving to a flexible, cloud-based, global platform. Keep up with the latest privacy and security updates as well as the newest technology features that keep your region’s libraries competitive with the many other outlets vying for information seekers’ attention.


Member stories

“The national agreement that we have with OCLC means that New Zealand libraries can take advantage of the scale that OCLC offers with WorldCat, [and] we still have our local needs catered for.”

Jenny McDonald
Manager, Collaborative Services
National Library of New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand

Syndeo has metadata functions that enable the ingest, aggregation, and organization of data from a network of libraries within a region. It provides online cataloging facilities and search capabilities. At the same time, it enables connections to the only global library data network, WorldCat.

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