WorldShare® Report Designer

Build custom reports and visualizations that meet your specific library needs.

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Make data-driven decisions

WorldShare Management Services (WMS) already combines your library services—including acquisitions, circulation, metadata, resource sharing, discovery, e-resource management and other basic library functions—into one streamlined system. WorldShare Report Designer allows you to draw on this data to build custom reports and visualizations that meet your specific library needs. You can use these reports to support decisions to subscribe or unsubscribe from certain databases, for example, or to transition from print to electronic resources.

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Spot trends and track key performance indicators

WorldShare Report Designer allows you to create new reports, charts and visualizations or use existing reports as a base for customization. You have the flexibility to adjust the data you present and how it's presented. You can easily see trends and understand how well your institution is tracking against its key performance indicators.

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Satisfy your reporting requirements

WorldShare Report Designer takes advantage of data in WMS and enables you to build custom reports, charts, and data visualizations to satisfy library, academic and agency reporting requirements. With the outputs, you can help others “see” data and trends so they better understand the information and can put it in a library or business context.

"The new reporting environment OCLC is rolling out provides a powerful analytics intelligence engine that can deliver both traditional reporting capabilities as well as creative, flexible and unique self-designed reports with WorldShare Report Designer. It has the potential to deliver new insights into how our resources are being used and support decision making across all facets of library operations."

Shawn Denny
Information Services Librarian at Taylor University