Make evidence-based decisions about your print collection with confidence

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GreenGlass is an interactive, web-based application that provides actionable insights needed to confidently manage sustainable collections and protect the scholarly record.

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Responsibly manage low-use print monographs and serials

  • Reclaim valuable physical space while protecting the scholarly record.
  • Establish appropriate criteria for deselection projects.
  • Make informed decisions on which titles to deselect, retain, digitize, and transfer to remote storage or special collections.

Get comprehensive and insightful views of collection data

  • Explore and visualize your collections in the context of collection data from many libraries.
  • Combine local circulation and item data with WorldCat holdings, HathiTrust Digital Library holdings, and authoritative title lists.
  • Develop preservation and withdrawal scenarios with a multi-faceted Query Builder.
  • Segment your collection by searching multi-edition titles, possible duplicates, multi volume sets, subjects, and call numbers.

Accelerate shared print management efforts

  • Share the responsibility and costs of maintaining print collections.
  • Generate custom reports and lists for shared print activities.
  • Carefully manage the drawdown of low-use print titles while supporting shared print archiving efforts.

Learn how a small group of academic libraries in Iowa used GreenGlass to share print resources

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Photo: Joseph Hafner

“With GreenGlass and the product team, we have the data and advice we need to make strategic decisions about our collections. We are planning off-site storage and a reimagining of our main library, and we rely on the tools and information from GreenGlass to make these projects a success. Working with our consortia partners, the reports and analysis from GreenGlass are essential for us to manage our shared print projects together.”

Joseph Hafner
Associate Dean Library Collection Services
McGill University

“GreenGlass for Serials is key to ensuring that we achieve our collection goals because it helps us to make informed retention and deselection decisions about our serials, enabling us to create space in the stacks and ensuring that our physical collections will be able to continually evolve over time.”

Katy Gabrio
Associate Library Director
Macalester College

Photo: Katy Gabrio

Decision support for monographs

GreenGlass supports libraries and groups in making evidence-based decisions regarding the management of print monograph collections. Group functionality employs visualizations and modeling tools that allow groups of libraries to understand their collective collections with respect to overlap, subject dispersion, and usage.

For monographs projects, your GreenGlass database includes:

  • Your library’s bibliographic and item-level data, with live links to your OPAC
  • Your library’s usage data, including circulation, reshelving counts, and reading room loans
  • WorldCat holdings data for your peer libraries, your state, your country, and the world
  • HathiTrust Digital Library holdings, both public domain and in-copyright
  • Overlap between your library’s print and electronic books
  • CHOICE Review and CHOICE Outstanding Academic Titles flags
  • Customized title protection rules

Deliver more study space and benchmark library stock

Find out how University College London manages extensive library collections safely across 18 sites and an off-site storage facility.

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Decision support for serials

Serials analysis and management can be time-consuming and complex as it often requires evaluation of a much wider range of information than monographs. GreenGlass is a data-driven decision support tool that empowers your library to take local action on its print serials by leveraging collection data from many libraries. It works with all major ILSs and helps make decisions for your entire system or specific departments.

For serials projects, GreenGlass:

  • Includes data on publication status, date ranges, rarity, out-of-date status, and more
  • Helps define goals for retention, deselection, and other collection management priorities
  • Identifies duplicate holdings in archives like JSTOR and HathiTrust, as well as holdings archived by shared print programs
  • Improves both the efficiency and value of serials collection activities
  • Recognizes serials data clean-up opportunities

Making serials deselection decisions with confidence

A 30-minute demonstration of serials functionality in GreenGlass.

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Optimize your print collections

Driven by the shift from print to digital formats, competing demands for library space, and the shrinking capacity to support long-term print, the need to optimize print collections has never been greater. Contact us to get started with GreenGlass.

Service availability

  • Available in the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom


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