Support your print collection management decisions
with powerful analytics and insights

GreenGlass supports libraries and groups in making evidence-based decisions regarding the management of print collections

As a web-based, data-driven solution, GreenGlass provides comprehensive data for print monographs and serials that empowers you to:

  • Make informed decisions on which titles to deselect, retain, digitize, and transfer to remote storage or special collections
  • Explore and visualize your collection in the context of the collective collection
  • Quickly model deselection and print management scenarios
  • Generate custom reports and lists to support collection management and shared print activities

Watch a demo of NEW serials deselection functionality

The need to optimize your print collection has never been greater

Driven by the shift from print to digital formats, competing demands for library space, and the shrinking need and capacity to support long-term print, libraries increasingly share the responsibility and cost of managing their print collections. GreenGlass provides actionable data and the insights needed to make decisions with confidence and protect the scholarly record.

Join a growing number of libraries using GreenGlass to support shared print initiatives and inform collection management decisions.

Well-attended faculty session at the US Naval Academy

Librarian carefully managing the drawdown of low-use print monograph collections

Get actionable data for your library 

GreenGlass provides collection visualization tools with optional data overlays to give you new insights. It also offers:

  • A multi-faceted Query Builder for developing preservation and withdrawal scenarios
  • Online lists of items that match the parameters of any query with GreenGlass deselection metadata
  • Actionable lists of items that can be exported in Microsoft Excel
  • Enhanced searching on subjects and call numbers to allow subject specialists more control over list building and collection analysis
  • Collection segmentation through the ability to search on multi‑edition titles, possible duplicates, and multi‑volume sets

GreenGlass success stories

Demonstrate the value of your special collections

Learn how Saint Anselm College analyzed its special collections to identify rare items and strategically focus collection development.

Find out what is in your GreenGlass database

  • Your library’s bibliographic and item level data—with live links to your OPAC
  • Your library’s usage data—including circulation, re-shelving counts, reading room loans
  • WorldCat holdings data—for your peer libraries, your state, your country, the world
  • HathiTrust Digital Library holdings—Public Domain and In-Copyright
  • Overlap between your library’s print and electronic books
  • CHOICE Review and CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title flags; and
  • Customized title protection rules

Member stories

Entrance of Te Pātaka Kōrero, the library at Te Herenga Waka-Victoria University of Wellington

Advance research through ongoing collection assessment

Learn how Te Herenga Waka-Victoria University of Wellington keeps print collections updated and lean to support modern research needs.

The University of New Mexico's University Library

Select resources for off-site storage with confidence and transparency

Understand how The University of New Mexico's library staff gained support and enthusiasm from faculty when moving library resources to off-site storage.

"GreenGlass analytics are a gold mine in helping us to determine how to proceed with print materials. I can't remember the last time I was as excited with both software and data as that offered by this service!"

Neal Baker
Library Director,
Earlham College,
Richmond, Indiana, United States

GreenGlass is a web-based collection analytics tool that empowers libraries and groups to make evidence-based decisions about their print collection by allowing them to explore, compare, and visualize attributes for both monographs and serials titles.

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Download the GreenGlass flier
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Download the GreenGlass for Serials flier
Download the flier (US Letter)