Analyze your library or group collection

to manage and share print monographs

Visualize and model your collection

GreenGlass helps your library or group manage print monograph collections and, by extension, the valuable space these collections occupy. GreenGlass is a web application that allows you to:

  • Make informed, evidence-based decisions on which titles to deselect, retain, digitize, and transfer to remote storage or special collections
  • Explore and visualize your collection in the context of the collective collection
  • Quickly model deselection and print management scenarios
  • Generate custom reports and lists to support collection management and shared print activities

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Why GreenGlass?

Driven by the shift from print to digital formats, competing demands for library space, and the shrinking need and capacity to support long-term print, libraries increasingly share the responsibility and cost of managing their print collections with other libraries. GreenGlass provides you with actionable data to make informed decisions to protect the scholarly record.

  • Powerful collection management solution for all library sizes and types
  • Intuitive interface that doesn’t require training or technical expertise to use
  • Unique visualization tool for analyzing and modeling collections
  • Flexible to allow individual libraries or groups to build a shared print initiative

GreenGlass is trusted by hundreds of libraries in five countries to support shared print initiatives and inform collection management decisions.

Well-attended faculty session at the US Naval Academy

Responsibly draw down monograph collections

As a deselection tool, GreenGlass enables you to carefully manage the drawdown of your library's low-use print monograph collections while supporting shared print archiving efforts. GreenGlass combines local circulation and item data with WorldCat® holdings, HathiTrust Digital Library holdings, and authoritative title lists. The result: cost-effective, evidence-based decisions.

Librarian carefully managing the drawdown of low-use print monograph collections

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"GreenGlass analytics are a gold mine in helping us to determine how to proceed with print materials. I can't remember the last time I was as excited with both software and data as that offered by this service!"

Neal Baker
Library Director,
Earlham College,
Richmond, Indiana, United States

GreenGlass is a purpose-built, interactive application that allows you to explore your print collection and manage, share, archive, or remove monographs to transform valuable library space.

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