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  • DEVCONNECT 2018: Code Work Ahead

    Library developers, mark your calendars! DEVCONNECT 2018, OCLC's conference for developers, will be held June 4 – 6, 2018 at OCLC's headquarters in Dublin, Ohio.

  • Alexa Meets WorldCat

    The provocative statement “voice is new UI” came into vogue in 2016. I was skeptical at first, in the way many of us have become when topics trend like this. I thought to ...

  • Mobile Development Part 1 - Hybrid App Authentication

    Would you like to build mobile applications against OCLC API's? We show you how to rapidly develop a hybrid app and walk through the authentication flow. Development is efficient and inexpensive because the open source PhoneGap framework has one code...

  • CI and Dependency Management in Ruby

    Learn about continuous integration and dependency management in the Ruby programming language

  • Label Printing & July 16 WMS API Install

    As OCLC first notified the community in April, WMS APIs will...

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