Align library collections with institutional goals and priorities

Photo illustation: Choreo Insights on laptop in library setting

Choreo Insights is an extensive library analytics solution that uses WorldCat holdings data to align academic library collections with institutional focus areas, emerging curriculum priorities, and future trends.

Help me compare collections for better ROI

Further institutional goals and objectives

Investigate overlaps, gaps, and combined collections to ensure optimal resource availability for faculty and students.

Contribute tangible advancements for institution-level diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts by identifying collection issues as a starting point for remediation programs.

Identify cost-saving opportunities between libraries, groups, and consortia to reduce redundancy and relieve budget pressures.

“I would strongly recommend Choreo Insights as an essential tool to any academic institution in need of assessment and collection development analysis to build complementary and interdependent DEI collections.”

Dr. Liladhar R. Pendse
Librarian for East European and Latin American Studies

Photo: Dr. Liladhar R. Pendse

Collection comparisons with immediate insights

Choreo Insights compares your monographs and serials collections with other institutions around the world in seconds. And it’s not limited to one-time reports and static snapshots. This means enhanced local collection development and cooperative opportunities to address shared goals. You can use a predefined set of institutions, build out a saved list based on a consortium, or create an ad-hoc group comparison for resource sharing evaluations or other creative ideas.

“Choreo Insights provided us with data that allowed us to seek funding for new materials to support certain academic programs at our college, primarily for an African and African Diaspora Studies program and a Latin American and Caribbean Studies program. We now know which items we’ll need in our collection and will prioritize for purchase as funds become available.”

Dr. Wilma Jones
Professor and Reference/Instruction Librarian
City University of New York—College of Staten Island

Photo: Dr. Wilma Jones

See how your collection stacks up

Choreo Insights is the only product on the market that libraries can use to do deep subject analysis of their print and electronic collections, enabled by WorldCat. You can map your monographs and serials collections directly to academic programs using CIP (Classification of Instructional Program) codes. You can also use Library of Congress classifications, FAST subject headings, and more to see how collections stack up. Additional options will be added on an ongoing basis.

Help shape the future of collection analytics

Be one of the first to use our new collection analytics solution. We’ve partnered with eight libraries during the past year and now it’s ready for early adopters to provide feedback and help refine features. Contact us to learn more.