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Authentication is an important issue for libraries and information seekers; certain library resources require authorized access, while remote information seekers want access without obstacles. EZproxy access and authentication software helps your users simplify their research process by reducing the number of usernames and passwords they need to keep track of. They will have secure remote access to e-content they may find in your library. With a single sign-on using existing library‑issued credentials, accessing library material has never been easier.

EZproxy is also a vendor-neutral solution that connects to many content providers, including EBSCO and Gale.

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EZproxy utilizes the library’s existing authentication method, ensuring your library’s current security and authorization standards are maintained. EZproxy upgrades are in-step with content provider, authentication service and web security improvements, including the latest version of OpenSSL. EZproxy also provides detailed usage logs so libraries can track and troubleshoot access issues. For OCLC-hosted libraries, EZproxy runs routine security analyses to identify compromised accounts and provides consolidated monthly usage reports.

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EZproxy is the industry-leading robust middleware solution for remote user authentication. OCLC offers two versions of EZproxy: a hosted version that OCLC maintains for you and a stand-alone version that your library manages.

  • EZproxy hosted service includes all of the hardware and software components needed as well as all back-ups, security certificates, automatic system and software upgrades, defined customization services, and implementation.
  • The stand-alone version is available for servers that run Linux or Windows®.

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"EZproxy hosted is working very well for our library. It's invisible; no trouble at all."

Irene E. McDermott
Reference Librarian and Systems Manager, Crowell Public Library, City of San Marino, California

EZproxy access and authentication software allows your library to deliver e-content simply and effectively. EZproxy facilitates a single sign-in to e-content using existing library-issued credentials, such as a library card number and PIN or username and password.

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