Streamline and secure access to e-resources

EZproxy allows libraries to deliver e-resources to users simply and securely no matter where or when they’re searching. EZproxy was built to advance the crucial role libraries play in protecting patron privacy and influencing learning outcomes, making it a trusted e-resource access and authentication solution. Thousands of libraries in over 100 countries use EZproxy to facilitate secure, reliable access to e-resources.

Available nowEZproxy® Analytics

Make more informed, data-driven decisions. EZproxy Analytics provides advanced analytics capabilities to users of EZproxy hosted for an additional subscription. It’s a turnkey service that extracts, enriches, and transforms complex data into simple visual dashboards, making it easy to better understand and communicate e-resource ROI.

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Connect your users to library resources with a single sign-on

EZproxy provides your users with continuous access to e-resources without the hassle of remembering multiple passwords and usernames.

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Simplify e-resource access

EZproxy remotely connects your users to the e-resources they need for school and research using their existing single sign-on credentials. EZproxy connects on their behalf with an authorized IP address so content providers permit access. You can configure it to grant access by groups to meet licensing needs and use it to support diverse curriculum since it connects to most content providers.

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Make more informed decisions

EZproxy logs rich insights like who’s using what library resources, when, and from where, and some of these insights are included in monthly usage reports. You can get a more complete and meaningful view of e-resource impact with EZproxy Analytics, a turnkey service that manages, enriches, and visualizes your usage data. Its advanced analytics capabilities will inform collection management decisions.

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Maintain privacy and security

EZproxy protects the identity of your users and puts you in control of their workflows to determine if and with whom any user data is shared. EZproxy also uses a robust and customizable set of security rules to detect and disable compromised single sign-on credentials before they can be used to exploit any systems or data, protecting your users and community from security threats.

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Meet IT system requirements

EZproxy connects to most identity management systems and supports many different authentication schemes. EZproxy is also set up and managed by OCLC so IT teams can focus on other projects. We provide database stanza management, software and hardware management, SSL certificate management, and more. EZproxy's flexible service options meet both library and IT needs.

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Member Stories

SKEMA Business School

Give users easy access to e-resources from any location and at any time

Learn how SKEMA Business School simplified access to e-resources both on and off campus and gained a clear picture of library usage around the world.

Photo: KBR front entrance

Get secure e-resource access for remote users and actionable usage insights

Learn how the Royal Library Belgium (KBR) provided secure access to e-resources for remote users and gained a deeper understanding of usage.

"EZproxy hosted is working very well for our library. It's invisible; no trouble at all."

Irene E. McDermott
Reference Librarian and Systems Manager, Crowell Public Library, City of San Marino, California

EZproxy allows your library to deliver e-content to users simply and securely no matter where or when they’re searching. EZproxy facilitates a single sign-on to e-content using your institution’s preferred authentication method, such as SAML or LDAP, while protecting user privacy and keeping usage data under library control.

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