Provide seamless access to electronic resources

EZproxy allows libraries to deliver e-content to users simply, effectively, and securely no matter where or when they’re searching. As the leading e-resource access and authentication solution for nearly 20 years, EZproxy protects user identities from third parties and ensures libraries maintain control of sensitive usage data while still facilitating seamless, reliable access to e-resources.

Coming soonEZproxy® Analytics

Make more informed, data-driven decisions. EZproxy Analytics will provide advanced analytics capabilities to users of the EZproxy hosted service. EZproxy Analytics enriches, transforms and visualizes the e-resource usage data in EZproxy logs to support strategic library goals, such as optimizing collections and measuring student outcomes.

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Connect users to e-content with a single sign-on

EZproxy allows library users continuous access to the e-content they need without the hassle of remembering various passwords and usernames.

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Make authentication easy

Your library’s users want fast and easy access to all the e-resources you provide them, whether they’re in the library or remote. EZproxy helps them simplify their research process by reducing the number of usernames and passwords they need to keep track of.

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Keep your content secure

EZproxy connects to your library's existing authentication systems to ensure that your e-resources are protected according to your security and authorization standards. EZproxy also utilizes an optional, real-time call out to a security API that validates the IP address of the requester and audits or denies access if the IP address is associated with a known pirate/hacker. This greatly reduces the time-consuming and manual process of scanning log files for hacked credentials.

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Maintain library control and trust

We proactively built EZproxy to ensure user privacy by default. It protects the identity of your users while vouching for the authenticity of their requests. And since you retain control your usage log files, you don’t have to rely on content providers or other third parties for your library’s data.

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Ensure seamless access with less overhead

EZproxy hosted is fully managed, including support and upgrades. If you have limited IT resources, you may struggle to maintain your own server, software upgrades, and content provider stanza changes. By letting OCLC’s proven infrastructure handle EZproxy upgrades, management, and troubleshooting, you can continue to provide users with seamless e-resource access in a timely and efficient way.

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"EZproxy hosted is working very well for our library. It's invisible; no trouble at all."

Irene E. McDermott
Reference Librarian and Systems Manager, Crowell Public Library, City of San Marino, California

EZproxy allows your library to deliver e-content to users simply, effectively, and securely no matter where or when they’re searching. EZproxy facilitates a single sign-on to e-content using your institution’s preferred authentication method, such as SAML or LDAP, while protecting user privacy and keeping usage data under library control.

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