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Improve discovery and circulation with access to all of your resources

If your holdings aren't current in WorldCat®, or if they're missing from your OPAC, they're all but invisible to your users. But when your holdings are current in WorldCat—as part of your Contract Cataloging project—they gain visibility on the Web through WorldCat.org™, many popular search engines and other OCLC partners. That gives your library an increased return on the investments you've made in your collections.

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We have been cataloging for libraries for more than 25 years. Most OCLC Contract Cataloging staff members are professional librarians who hold subject-related degrees in addition to their MLS degrees. We supplement our professional cataloging staff with a team of highly trained paraprofessional catalogers, all of whom received training from professional librarians. Our staff supports 33 languages in multiple formats using RDA and AACR2 standards.

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Clear your cataloging backlog without adding staff using shelf-ready materials

Whether your library is working to incorporate a large, new collection or just trying to catch up, adding library staff to deal with a one-time "bump" in your cataloging needs is rarely an option. We can help manage your cataloging needs so that your staff can concentrate on higher priority tasks.

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"We were able to clear almost the entire backlog, making incoming materials much easier to manage without a large backlog looming."

Mandy Lancaster
Cataloging Outsourcing Coordinator, Technical Services Division, University of Texas at Austin Libraries

OCLC Contract Cataloging services offer expert assistance to tackle your difficult cataloging projects, including those requiring specialized format-specific skills and language proficiencies. Our skilled, professional catalogers can meet your high standards and help get your items into the hands of users quickly.

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