Library Management

Streamline your processes and bring your services to the user’s point of need


SIMPLE—User-friendly for both staff and patrons


FLEXIBLE—Adaptable to local needs


EFFICIENT—Eliminate steps and free up time

OCLC has a full range of management services that can improve the way you manage your entire library system. Library management systems can be implemented locally or on behalf of a group of institutions. Other services utilize the data in WorldCat to perform collection analysis, selection and other collection management activities at the network level. Whatever solution you select, OCLC works with you to help your diverse functions work together more efficiently and effectively.

Today’s Web-based library management software has evolved over time from a variety of offline activities that have often demanded significant integration efforts and workarounds to meet libraries’ evolving needs. The changing information environment requires future management services to be more integrated, streamlined and efficient—designed to be parts of a whole, rather than a sum of many parts.

OCLC WorldShare Management Services are the first cooperative management services for libraries that streamline cataloging, acquisitions, license management and circulation and include a next-gen discovery tool for library users—WorldCat Local. This makes workflows more efficient and enables libraries to share infrastructure costs and resources, as well as collaborate in ways that free them from the restrictions of local hardware and software.

Other cooperative solutions include WorldShare Collection Evaluation—a Web-based service that provides evaluation and comparison of library collections based on holdings information contained in the WorldCat database. 

OCLC provides locally deployed and Web-based library management systems to more than 5,000 libraries in Europe, Australia, Africa and the United States.