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Extend your cataloging with add-on services

These tools further automate metadata creation and record maintenance processes.

Dewey services

Connexion provides the power of Dewey through the Web as an add-on service. This option gives you access to an enhanced version of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC22) database or to the 14th abridged edition of the DDC database.

Dewey Cutter program

This Windows application is used with Connexion browser to automatically provide cutter numbers from the OCLC Four-Figure Cutter Tables (Cutter Four-Figure Table and Cutter-Sanborn Four-Figure Table) upon input of text. The program is similar to the Dewey Cutter macro that is used with Connexion client.

Local Holdings Maintenance

Reduce or eliminate unproductive loan requests for materials you don't hold by adding detailed holdings in WorldCat. Choose how you update local holdings records—through batch processing, online interactive updating or a combination of the two.

WorldCat Cataloging Partners

WorldCat Cataloging Partners is a collaborative effort with materials vendors to reduce the cost of cataloging for libraries. WorldCat Cataloging Partners delivers OCLC MARC records that match the materials you order through participating vendor partners and sets your library's holdings automatically in WorldCat.