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Libraries sharing data, work and resources

Libraries today are faced with a rapidly changing environment, evolving user needs and increasing pressure to measure and communicate impact. OCLC products help libraries address these challenges by sharing data, streamlining workflows and connecting people to the knowledge held in the world's library collections.

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Library Management

Manage your entire library system with services that increase efficiency across services, departments and locations.

WorldShare License Manager

Easy manager for all your licensed and electronic resources


The leading access and authentication solution

Sustainable Collection Services

Data-driven deselection

Cataloging & Metadata

Build, manage and share data about your collections while making your library more visible.

OCLC Cataloging Subscription

Cataloging services and resources that help manage your collection

WorldShare Metadata Services

A complete metadata management solution for physical, licensed and digital resources

WorldShare Collection Manager

Improve e-management workflow efficiencies and increase collection visibility

Dewey Services

The world's most widely used library classification system

Contract Cataloging

Access to expert cataloging services in a variety of formats and more than 30 languages


A simple-to-use copy cataloging tool that enables you to put materials on the shelves for your users quickly and efficiently

WorldCat Cataloging Partners

OCLC record delivery in coordination with your vendor orders

Resource Sharing

Centralize resource sharing workflows previously managed in multiple systems while speeding fulfillment of interlibrary loan requests.

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

Integrated discovery and delivery of electronic, digital and print materials


Centralized management for all of your library's borrowing, lending and document delivery services

Discovery & Syndication

Get people to the materials they need from your library and from other libraries worldwide.


A Web destination that connects information seekers on the Web to collections in the world's libraries

WorldCat Discovery Services

Cloud-based applications that enable people to search WorldCat® and discover more than 2 billion electronic, digital and physical holdings in a single search

Digital Collection Management

Make everything in your digital collections available to online researchers, everywhere, whatever the format.


Storage, management and delivery of your digital collections

WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway

Maximize visibility of your digital collections with WorldCat

Virtual Reference

Interact with users in multiple ways, using both chat and email. Your library can also provide around-the-clock reference services through the 24/7 Reference® Cooperative.


A complete reference management system, integrating chat and email

OCLC WorldShare logo

WorldShare provides a complete set of library management applications and platform services built on an open, cloud-based platform. WorldShare offers integrated management of library workflows and creates new efficiencies as libraries share work, data and resources to save money and deliver value to their users.  

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OCLC WorldCat logo

WorldCat is a set of databases that together comprise the most comprehensive global network of data about library collections and services. WorldCat data is contributed, maintained and shared by libraries around the world, and it is managed and enhanced by OCLC. WorldCat data supports a range of OCLC and partner services, driving efficiency in library management, improving discovery of library collections and increasing the visibility of libraries on the Web.

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