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Public libraries perform unique and critical roles in their communities. These roles evolve and change with the needs of the people they serve, and they often include economic development, adult and early childhood literacy, support for government programs and more. In response to local funding pressures and the changing needs of their users, public libraries work with OCLC to automate back-office activities, improve services for users and increase the impact of public libraries as a whole.

You have the power.

Wise is the first community engagement system for US public libraries. Uniquely holistic in its design, Wise combines the power of customer relationship management, marketing, and analytics with ILS functions.

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Innovate with a reliable partner

The staff at Midden-Brabant Public Library have plenty of creative ideas to enhance their customer services. A new library management system that is centered around the customer allows the library to manage its regular workflows much more effectively. This gives the library more room to think about ways to improve their customer services.

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Exterior of Seaside Public Library

Deliver library resources from around the world as if it’s easy

Although Seaside Public Library serves a small local community, it maintains an impressive interlibrary loan service. The single interlibrary loan staff member relies on specific tools and processes to efficiently fulfill requests and to keep the job fun.

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Blake Graham and Shaun Boyd in the Douglas County History Research Center

Involve your community in local history

The Douglas County History Research Center developed relationships with local organizations and the public to collect historical documents and information to build local history archives. Then, they made that information available to the world through a visual and interactive website that’s easy for archival staff to maintain.

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Photo of a coffee blend supporting Denver Public Library

Engage your community through common interests

Denver Public Library wants people to know that the library is a great resource for any topic that interests them. The library staff reaches people doing the things they love to do outside the library by collaborating with local businesses and community organizations, hosting events throughout the city and maintaining a strong social media presence.

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A photo of librarians and a donor at Onondaga County Public Library

Get time back to focus on priorities

Like many public libraries, Onondaga County Public Libraries have had to do more with less. The loss of dedicated cataloging staff, however, coincided with a growing need for important local resources. Access to cooperative cataloging with high match rates helped them bridge that gap.

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Logo of Picture South Perth

Pull your archives out of the basement and share them with the world

South Perth Public Library houses an archive of historic local photographs and delicate original art that was nearly inaccessible to the public because of preservation concerns. By digitizing the collection and posting it online, the library has facilitated access and encouraged interest in its community from across the globe.

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