groups and consortia

The library community has always recognized and valued the power of cooperation. By sharing knowledge, services and collections, libraries expand their impact and create more value for their users. OCLC solutions for groups and consortia increase opportunities for groups to support their members with research, training and services that streamline the technical challenges of collaboration.

People collaborating in library

Simplify sharing within your group

The Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI) provides group libraries with an unmediated interlibrary loan system for sharing resources within the group. This saves libraries time and money in multiple ways.

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View of a campus in SCELC

Better understand your collection and how to expand it

The Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) relies on cooperation to share resources across more than 100 member libraries. The SCELC Shared Print Operations Group used data on circulation, holdings overlap, and availability of digital surrogates to highlight their shared collection while enabling individual participants to reduce redundant local holdings.

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Boy who used Delaware public libraries to design and print a 3D hand

Optimize library outcomes in your community

The Delaware Division of Libraries looked to business tools to better understand how to meet the needs of the communities that Delaware libraries serve. By mapping many library services and resources against subject areas and levels of need, they can better identify gaps and plan for the future.

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Maria Isabel Cuadrado Fernández with a promotional sign for Pregunte

Answer worldwide questions in users' native language

Spain's Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport supports Pregunte: las bibliotecas responden, a free Spanish-language reference service through email and chat, for information seekers all over the world. More than 40 public libraries in Spain contribute to Pregunte.

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Library at the University of New Mexico, a LIBROS institution

Improve results for all libraries in your group, big and small

The LIBROS consortium in New Mexico includes academic and special libraries that vary widely in size, purpose, and scope. The group wanted to find a way to share a common management system while still allowing individual libraries to have more autonomy and local control. The solution they found meets the needs of the larger institutions without overwhelming the smaller ones.

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Photo of an Ask-WA reference librarian

Connect all state residents to reference librarians

Washington State Library's Ask-WA service allows residents to reach a reference librarian at any time of day or night. The Ask-WA chat service features reference librarians from academic and public libraries who work together to meet the information needs of people in the state.

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