groups and consortia

The library community has always recognized and valued the power of cooperation. By sharing knowledge, services and collections, libraries expand their impact and create more value for their users. OCLC solutions for groups and consortia increase opportunities for groups to support their members with research, training and services that streamline the technical challenges of collaboration.

OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups

OCLC Resource Sharing for Groups is a modern consortial borrowing solution that expedites delivery for library users. If a request can't be filled within the group, there’s the option to send it to regional partners or to our massive, global interlibrary loan (ILL) network.

Streamline your workflows and accelerate delivery

Wissenschaftliche Allgemeinbibliothek Wiener Neustadt

Combine academic and public libraries for increased service

The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt and the Wiener Neustadt public library combined their collections and library systems to form a single public-science library. By partnering with OCLC, the libraries overcame the inherent challenges of bringing together two very different libraries, and they look forward to collaborating for the long term.

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Nevada State library staff entering the first XR record into WorldCat

Amplify classroom lessons with immersive technology

Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records recognized an opportunity to better support Nevada schools through extended and virtual reality educational resources. To connect schools to these resources, the library held a cataloging hackathon and added the first virtual and extended reality records to WorldCat. 

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University of California student in the library

Contribute to and benefit from shared cataloging

The California Digital Library maintains bibliographic records for consortial collections held by University of California libraries. Beyond this, catalogers enhance records that global libraries can use, and they receive automatic updates to their records when others have enhanced them. 

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National Library of New Zealand's exhibit

Share your nation's cultural heritage with the world

The National Library of New Zealand manages Te Puna Services, which provides libraries across the country with access to core library services. Te Puna’s cloud-based national bibliographic infrastructure allows its unique collections to be findable and accessible throughout New Zealand and around the world. 

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Reference desk at Cary Memorial Library

Locate and request exactly what you need from near or far

The Massachusetts Library System provides mediated interlibrary loan services to more than 600 libraries all over the state. Before making their requests, the staff relies on a precise search tool to find the exact resource each user wants.

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