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OCLC Global and Regional Councils 2021 Election

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OCLC Global & Regional Councils: Member-focused, member-driven

A key benefit of OCLC membership is the opportunity to elect delegates who reflect your local and regional views on the issues facing libraries today. Member libraries have a voice through their elected representatives, and are encouraged to actively participate in elections and member meetings, and through direct dialogue with their elected delegates.

Regional Councils facilitate connections in three world regions: Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); Asia Pacific (APRC); and the Americas (ARC). Members from each region elect delegates to serve on the OCLC Global Council. Global Council brings worldwide viewpoints together, informing and guiding the cooperative from their unique perspectives.

Global Council

The Global Council is comprised of 48 delegates, each representing one of three regions (ARC, EMEA, APRC). The delegates work on behalf of the global membership to reflect the needs of member institutions. Members can contact any Global Council delegate to share ideas, offer feedback, and ask questions. Global Council committees complete much of the group’s work. The working groups include:

  • Global Council Executive Committee
  • Global Council Bylaws Committee
  • Global Council Nominating Committee
  • Global Council Program Committee

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Pilar Martinez [photo]

A message from Pilar Martinez,
Global Council Chair

Welcome from your Global Council!

It seems as if each year our responsibilities as libraries evolve and expand. We readily take on our traditional roles as information providers and keepers of culture, and daily we see the extension of our roles as community builders and advocates. Even as we face challenges that have forced us to reinvent how we deliver library services, we are continually reminded that the work we do to strengthen and serve as the hub of our communities is an essential function.

Our approximately 16,000 OCLC member institutions elect 48 Global Council delegates that are asked to provide this membership organization with the information and advice it needs to continue to move forward. And this year it is my honor to serve as Chair for this group of dedicated professionals.

As OCLC members, we choose to live beyond the walls of our institutions by being part of a greater community of libraries and archives working together globally. We are dedicated to examining emerging issues and aiding this organization to continue its pursuit of strengthening libraries through cooperative activities. This year, long before we knew what global crises we were going to confront, we chose our annual focus to be the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This global roadmap is intended to make all of our futures better, more equitable, and sustainable. We are pleased, but not surprised, that much of the daily work of libraries already serves to reinforce many of these admirable goals and that they also advocate for the freedoms and ethics long associated with our profession. As OCLC members we know from experience that working together makes our tasks easier while creating the momentum to move forward. Please follow along with the Global Council as we continue in our work on behalf of global libraries.

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Americas Regional Council

OCLC members in the Americas—Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and South America—actively participate in the cooperative through the Americas Regional Council (ARC). Members are encouraged to attend meetings, sign up for information to learn about the latest innovations and initiatives, and to provide feedback to their ARC representatives. ARC members are eligible to participate in ARC elections and run for one of the 32 delegate positions that represent ARC on the OCLC Global Council. ARC hosts an annual conference that is open to all members and interested parties, which provides a forum to discuss issues important to libraries in the region.

  • Americas Regional Council Executive Committee
  • Americas Regional Council Nominating Committee

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Pilar Martinez [photo]

A message from Pilar Martinez, Chair for the Americas Regional Council

Welcome from your Americas Regional Council!

Welcome to ARC, the OCLC Regional Council that represents libraries from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. More than 8,000 institution members are served by 32 Global Council delegates, all who have been elected by you as OCLC members, to reflect the diversity of history, cultures, and languages of the libraries within The Americas.

These have been challenging times for all of us in the library community. The COVID-19 pandemic, heightened discussions around equality, and changing technology and funding have certainly forced us to look at how we serve our users. In the blink of an eye, we have had to adopt new modes of services and adapt to unanticipated and new needs of our users. But, one thing is definite – never before have we been more sure of the vital role our libraries play in the current and future well-being of our own communities, our regions, and the world.

On behalf of your elected ARC delegates, I encourage you to actively engage in the OCLC cooperative. Please share your views, ideas, and experiences with your ARC delegates and OCLC colleagues. Participate in the work that Global Council is doing to learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how libraries can impact regional and global stability. Together, as members of the OCLC cooperative, our collective resources and activities will continue to not only enhance the world of knowledge and provide easier and faster access to it, but also find solutions to any challenges which we and our communities have yet to face.

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Oct 2

02 October 2019 - 03 October 2019

Join fellow library leaders and members of the OCLC Americas Regional Council (ARC) to discuss and discover how we can build not only future-forward libraries but also future-ready communities.

  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Venue: Sheraton Grand Phoenix

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EMEA Regional Council

The Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Regional Council currently elects 11 representatives who serve as delegates to the Global Council. Members in the EMEA region are encouraged to vote for their representatives and are invited to attend an annual conference open to all members and interested parties, which provides a forum to disucss issues important to libraries in the region.

  • EMEARC Executive Committee
  • EMEARC Nominating Committee

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Jan Simane [photo]

A message from Jan Simane, Chair for the Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Council

Welcome from your EMEA Regional Council

The EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region represents more than 60 countries, a multitude of languages, and a vast number of people who depend on libraries, museums and archives to serve their interests and improve their lives. We understand that the diversity of our region is a strategic strength that builds the OCLC cooperative and provides our members with the products and services needed to enhance their institution’s ability to serve their users.

The eleven members of the EMEA Regional Council take seriously our duty to communicate the changing needs, and the challenges, of being contemporary libraries generated from ancient civilizations. Our regions, our cultures, and the contributions we make as part of a global force of information providers has helped to make OCLC the global organization that it is today. As we go forward, we understand that our strength is in our diversity, our respect for our profession, and our ability to work together to the betterment of ourselves and our global colleagues. It is that understanding that motivates us to continue our important work on behalf of libraries, our countries, and our Regional Council.

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Asia Pacific Regional Council

The Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC) represents member libraries from the territory west of Hawaii, stretching from China, Korea and Japan in the north to Australia and New Zealand in the south and Pakistan to the west. APRC elects delegates to the Asia Pacific Executive Committee, five of whom also currently serve as delegates to Global Council. APRC hosts an annual conference that is open to all members and interested parties, which provides a forum to discuss issues important to libraries in the region.

  • APRC Executive Committee
  • APRC Nominating Committee

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Constance Wiebrands [photo]

A message from Constance Wiebrands, Chair for the Asia Pacific Regional Council

Welcome from your Asia Pacific Regional Council

It’s an honor to have been elected to the Asia Pacific Regional Council and to have the opportunity to serve as the APRC Regional Council Chair for 2021. The depth of our region’s histories and cultures are reflected in the collections of our institutions and are highly prized as an important part of the WorldCat database. We are proud of the breadth of resources and to contribute to the worldwide viewpoints that stitch together the OCLC collaboration of libraries. We help OCLC understand the unique needs of APRC institutions and work with our global colleagues to examine the emerging issues faced by modern global libraries.

By working locally, regionally and globally we benefit from and contribute to the innovation and research OCLC provides. We would like to invite libraries from the Asia Pacific region to continue to play an active role in the cooperative. We welcome your input, questions, comments, and concerns and will proudly represent the interests of libraries, archives and other member institutions as OCLC serves the interests of the global library community.

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Interested in learning more or getting involved?

If you are interested in participating in Americas, Asia Pacific, or EMEA Regional Council activities, or in representing your region on the OCLC Global Council, please contact Member Relations.