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Libraries at academic research institutions support a community of student and faculty scholars with in-depth information about a wide variety of topics. These libraries face unique challenges to making research accessible to all users, including concerns about copyrights, open-access scholarship, electronic and special collections maintenance and disambiguation of researchers. OCLC supports these libraries in their efforts to advance scholarly study through services that simplify their workflows and through library-focused research and initiatives.

Students in the general library, The University of Auckland

Save time maintaining your e-collections

The University of Auckland catalog is about 40% electronic resources and growing. The library staff needed a way to streamline their e-resource workflows without sacrificing the quality of the cataloging records. Through automated delivery of high-quality records, they now save time while ensuring that users can find and access what they need.

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Streamline staff workflows and consolidate resource access

The University of KwaZulu-Natal library staff needed more time to fulfill the mission of the library and the university to be the premier investiture in African scholarship. By switching to a cloud-based library system, the staff found more time and provided improved services to users.

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Photo of professor working in The University of Warwick library

Provide better access to your special collections

For many years, The University of Warwick's Marandet Collection was only available to researchers and scholars onsite. Once the library staff digitized the collection with the help of software that stores, manages and delivers digital content online, this collection of French plays can now be enjoyed and accessed from anywhere in the world.

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Photo of Utrecht University interior

Make your collections visible wherever your users are

Librarians at Utrecht University understand that today's students usually begin their research with online sources outside the library. Rather than waiting for the users to come to them, the librarians took a proactive approach to integrating their collections with non-library online resources. Now, the library supports a better user experience and helps users find library resources more easily. 

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Photo of Hagerty Library at Drexel University

Manage electronic collections efficiently

Drexel University librarians had grown used to a series of workarounds related to managing e-content records from multiple sources. Access to a shared knowledge base and the ability to manage metadata at the collection level eliminated much of the complexity.

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