Our Capira products include: custom mobile library apps (CapiraMobile), an off-the-shelf mobile library app (CapiraReady) and a curbside reservation web platform (CapiraCurbside). We are also the exclusive reseller of MuseumKey (circulation of museum passes) and LendingKey (circulation of physical items, such as e-readers, hotspots, instruments, etc.).

As libraries are reopening, our Capira products can ease patron concerns about the coronavirus by allowing them to use their own mobile device for self-service rather than interact with library devices or staff for simple requests. Learn more here.

Capira offers an intuitive mobile product line that helps libraries engage with their communities. CapiraMobile is the fastest-growing public library mobile app on the market and CapiraCurbside allows for easy curbside delivery for library staff and customers.

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